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i don't believe it, i don't. i do not believe.

what, you thought I believe it?
NO! absolutely not. Car can't run on water. Water is to drink, cars don't drink water. This is a scam, these people are just rich jokers, they have nothing better to do than to entertain us.

Engine is an air pump, it just passes air through itself, gas is not needed, it's just to explode air, simply.
So what difference does it make what is setting off the reaction - gasoline, diesel, alcohol, propane, methane, hydrogen (octane number 120) or HHO?
Or ozone, for example. Also, pretty combustible substance...

As far as producing enough HHO, it's not a mystery, that has also been solved by Stan Mayers.

Never mind. If car can't run on water, then this clearly is fake. Do not believe it. I wouldn't even research it further, because it can not be - it can never be. Just the waist of time.

HHO is peculiar very peculiar gas, though.

There is a man in Russia that added to Mendeleev's table. I don't mean he filled up the empty slots, he actually stretched the table in depth in a way.
But that also can not be, because that can never be.

In the same Russia they would burn people attempting to fly with help of gas, or moving wings. Because the church said that man can't fly. Period.

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So you've been researching this for all of 2 months or so and you have "UNLOCKED THE SECRET". You have done the impossible. You have figured out what countless people before you have not been able to do.


Now prove it to us, run your car off of water.

The 3 guys still responding to you have been here 5+ years (2 of which are moderators) and are actually trying to help you... we really are.

Side note:: this is freeware and they claim they aren't making money on it but they are youtube partners and are making money on every view they get on that video (which is actually sad as it has been there for 6 months and has less than 250 views). They also claim that this is pre-production stuff and they plan to sell it.

This isn't worth my time... have fun and I really hope you don't blow your engine.

Be the change you wish to see in the world
--Mahatma Gandhi

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Originally Posted by GasSavers_BEEF View Post
So you've been researching this for all of 2 months or so and you have "UNLOCKED THE SECRET". You have done the impossible. You have figured out what countless people before you have not been able to do.

Your constant "downer" to HHO technology....why don't you leave the HHO forum if you feel it "bogus" technology? maybe because you have control issues or need to be the center of attention...

such being said...please if you have any more arguing like my statements above and all of your statements throughout the current thread...please do so privately to me....and please save the integrady of the thread and the HHO forum (only logical an HHO forum be headed in the right direction for people who believe in the technolog and not full of page after page of back and forth arguing for people who say it doesn't work) Enstein said things worked before he had to prove everything....any other example of scientiest who stated a certain theordical technology could work, who then was doubted by the scientific community, then later, the technology proved to be right, and all who doubted were wrong as hell?)

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