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Has anyone succesfully created an HHO generator?

I looked around a little bit and it looks like just about anyone that says something worked for them you all say they're spammers.

I did research on this subject in highschool and I found pretty much the same information I have recently. I believe that if you had the right set up(eg big enough electodes and the right frequency and width) then it would work.

What do you all think about the HHO PWM stuff thats on ebay?

I'm not much of an electronics guru, I know a little, but not much, I don't want to build my own control unit myself. Does anyone know anything about a premade unit that possibly opperates off of a Throttle Positioning Sensor, or an Oxygen Sensor to regulate how much gas it produces?

Thanks for any info you guys have.

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I make and install hydrogen generators that work great, my generators are designed with (9) laser cut for consistency 316 S.S. plates, they have heavy duty CPVC mason jar lids, which seal great, all kits are supplied with a bubbler, flashback arrestor, 10 gauge wiring with a fuse block with fuse and terminal connectors, Braided hoses, intake plenum nutted elbow, custom machined heavy duty o2 sensor extenders, gas liquid check valve, a tee for vacuum connection, complete installation instructions. I also include instructions how to make a flow tester. Dollar for dollar my hho cells are a great by and they are very reliable and are capable of producing 1-1/4-1-3/4 lpm
feel free to visit my website at www.hydro-extra.webs.com.
As for a pwm I bought mine from www.extremehho.com and it works great.
It is enclosed with a cooling fan and has front facing controls and an ammeter.You can control the amperage of your cells while driving. This is crucial as you do not want your amperage to exceed 10amps. while idleing sitting at a red light etc. but once you are steady driving you can increase your amps to your desired setting.
Check these out, as for a o2 sensor defie I would reccomend a digital efie from www.3rdbrakeflasher.com these are programable and you can save your desired highway and city settings. If you do go this route I suggest you buy the extra harness and optional mode switch as well as the optional switch for city/highway control.
Right now these are on sale for $75.00 the pulse width modulator is $135.00 and my two cell kit is only $275.00 although I have the single for $169.00 which may be all you need. I also offer free shipping.
I install these regularly and hook them up with a 30 amp. relay $5.00 at autozone. and my customers keep recommending my generators to their friends and family.
I am only sharing because it took me alot of time and experimentation to get where I actually had something that worked well.


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Would any one know why my bubbler bubbles even when the hho generator is off ![no gas present] it will eventually go calm ,but I feel this is keeping it from running continuously...I have tapped into a vacuum tube connected to my K&N air intake ,thanks for the help !
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When you turn off the generator, a small amount of hyfrogen are still inside the generator, hydrogen will flow to the bubbler even if your generator is off.
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Send a message via AIM to dkjones96
We get lots of new people posting in this HHO forum.
- Kyle
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it seems like all the people that post here just post once or twice and go away.

back to the original question. I haven't seen anyone give any type of credible gains from HHO. we do get the occasional spammer that talks about magical numbers from some unknown car that has doubled mileage or something else. usually it is in some sort of huge vehicle that was never built or intended to get good mileage. note the second post on this thread as an example.

good luck to all that try
Be the change you wish to see in the world
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i built several hho gens in the past 3months. started as a experiment to see if u could really burn water. was so amazed i quit my job to perfect my build. lol. my first 3 were ok to say the least (glass jars r bad) i gave them away to family to show to their friends that water can actually produce a flammable gas.
i later sold the next 3 i had made (for cost of materials) and traded 1 at a swap meet for 100$ worth of new mufflers. i have had no complaints from anybody. i have 1 on my jeep 04' w/mudtires and lift with consistent 35% gains in mpg. (actually about 42% but for sake of argument) i drive 65-70 mph
and in noway do i hypermile...lol...to ask the ? does it really work ...YES..im finishing my last build its a dry cell design and will call it good enough for me...got to go back to work...lol..i do not use a pwm or any other stuff i dont think you need ...production is all in the mix and the amps...i bought a volume control knob from radioshack and spliced it to my map sensor to control the fuel ratio of the gasoline...thats it..no o2 whatever or pwm or etc...my cell is producing about 1ltr per min on 6 cyl engine...without the control of fuel ratio the mpg greatly decrease...engine runs too rich too run properly...my setup is 12v and 16amps cold then 27 amps hot..i use a 30amp breaker and tested it and never blows breaker with mix i use...to much it will tho...i spent the most of time finding right mix (both chem and amount) to draw as close to 30 amps as i could..
it works ..check out u tube we are all over on there...look at dates though so you build off newer designs and learn from everyones mistakes..
i spent 1 week straight studying you tube peeps designs and trial and errors..
i use to install satellite dishes and would go through 1 and then some tanks of gas a DAY thats why i quit ...was spending 1/3 of my income every week on fuel...i have been to votech and worked on my cars and friends and familys for 18 years now...
now one thing of truth and boggles my brain is these numbers (35-42%) are highway numbers..im not seeing much gains in city...i think i need to get the hho into the intake manifold (vacuum) for idle and low rpm situations...
but most of my driving is hwy miles so ill take what i got and go to work again...my proofs r on youtube and can e-mail to whoever...
im not selling anything and just to answer your question "yes it does"
its so easy to build a test just take to plates stainless or not attach + to plate and - to other space the plates with somethin (rubber fish lure) about a 1/4" apart wrap tape around the thing to hold it together find something to hold water (5 gal bucket) drop it in connect to 12v battery add some baking soda to water to make it more electrocutable (or koolaid, chocolate syrup, salt or my fav is ph+ for swim pool) and wait for bubbles sometimes first time may take up to 30 min to really get going what i do to test the bubbles and demonstrate is light them with lighter and watch them pop...
there you go shouldnt take you to long to see for yourself and answer your own question...for test use any steel metal stainless is long term rust free but does work better...food grade stainless good start from dish isle at walmart
i think everyone should try it and see for themselves truly blew my mind got any questions or probs im more than happy to assist ... peace out
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i do use one more thing a bubbler ..it is a must to catch potential excess water that comes from gen through hose...good luck!


heres a link to my early setup now i have 1 massive gen you can see it from there in my other vids ..if any body goes to buy 1 dont buy the wire 1's only get the plate ones they r best dont care what anyone else says
good luck and peace out!
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Yes, but there are some things to consider. It's easy; just need to head down the right path.
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I am currently running 2 Smacks boosters in my 79 Silverado 305 2 barrel. I run 2 oz. acetone in 10 gallons of 85 octane. Consistantly my mpg is about 18. Good days I see 21+. Bad days I see 14 mpg.
Though my truck doesn't have a lot of problems. I don't do the normal routes and usually end up hauling a lot of things that kill mpg.
But, the trucks 11 mpg when I bought it is about 30% better (on it's worst day) and 90%+ better on it's best day. All tolled it is worth the tinkering and I love my old truck. If you have a computer in your car. That's a whole other ball of wax. Study and don't be afraid of mistakes. Don't be afraid of spending money on good equiptment either.

Hydroxy, HHO, whatever you call it does increase the eff. of the gasoline burn. Drag on the alternater? Yes, thermodynamically ineff. Yes, But the 20% thermal eff. of gas only gets better.


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