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Originally Posted by itripper View Post
I had the Prius loaded for vacation plus wife. 80 mph on highways, flooring it in city (it is FAST accelerating). I was very impressed. I was specifically hard on it to see what it could do. I think it actually gets better mpg than my Honda when driven hard. Have you driven a Prius? They are quite remarkable. The one I drove had three modes, electric, eco, and sporty. It was very quick on sporty, and really slow on electric. BTW your profile pic is that an HDR photo?

No I've never driven a Prius, unfortunately they only have automatic gearboxes here. Looking at the figures, the fastest one I can see has a 0-60 time similar to my little diesel, but I am surprised by the lack of torque given electric motors have a torquey reputation. My Clio has 50% more torque. And yes, I used a HDR effect on my phone for the pic. You will find diesels give similar results on the highway, RPMs seem not to affect the rate of consumption much, at least in my experience.
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Toyota's hybrid system is integrated with a single planetary gear transmission. It doesn't have the losses of a typical automatic step transmission, and could be more efficient than a manual. It behaves like a CVT, and if you don't like driving those, I wouldn't you in to it.

Zero to sixty times don't reflect the driving scenarios most of us are in. Motor Trend has done 0 to 30mph, 0 to 40,..., up to 0 to 80, and a 45 to 65 to simulate passing.
2010 Honda Insight vs 2010 Toyota Prius comparison test - Motor Trend All Pages

Got to be careful when researching hybrid performance specs. The numbers could be for the engine alone, the traction motor, or some combined number. On top of that, the traction battery could have a power rating published.

From Toyota's US site:
hybrid system net power: 134hp(100kW)
engine: 98 hp(73 kW) @ 5200 rpm, 105 lb.-ft.(142 Nm) @ 4000 rpm
motor: 80 hp (60 kW), 153 lb.-ft. (207 Nm)
Toyota Prius Interior, Exterior & Safety Features

They don't state it, but an electric motor's peak torque is at zero rpm. The peak power is somewhere in the vicinity of half the motor's rated rpm.

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It might not be a proper automatic, but you still select D to make it move, and you still have 2 pedals, I wouldn't even get into a car with such a setup, unless it was Lamborghinni, or Ferrari (that's if the manual wasn't available!)

I don't really care much for 0-60 times, no body floors the throttle everything anyway. What's more important here, after economy, is torque, helpful for overtaking and going up hills, and power to weight ratio too. It's ok to small amounts of power, so long as your vehicle is light, that's why bikes are fast after all.

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Well that is my point, the Prius feels extremely fast from a take off up to normal traffic speeds of 35-45 mph (at least the 2014 model I had rented). I am going off personal observation. I am familiar with fast vehicles too, I have several sports and muscle cars over my lifetime; the Prius is deceptively fast, I am guessing most owners care about mpg so they do not accelerate quickly in them.

Back to the OP, there is probably something wrong with his Kia, that why I suggested he go on the Kia forum to discuss with owners of like vehicles. Icy cold conditions with short driving combined with E10 fuel could do it. I hate E10 fuel, no other choice here, drops my mpg by 4 mph.


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