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Question Difference in Odo

Due to a recall on my bike, a new instrument cluster is being installed. Due to that, the odometer will be reset to 0. What is the best way to keep my current history of fill-ups with the new odometer reading?

Would I use the "Missed a fuel-up" check box and start over?

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First off, are you positive your Dealer cannot roll the odometer forward to be more in sync with the old odometer/current mileage? Initially I'd see the reset posing more of a problem especially in regards to registration/insurance issues (your vehicle all of a sudden looks like it has less miles than it really does).
I'm not sure about Motorcycles, but I know some dealers (with valid reasoning/proof) can take a higher mileage odometer (say a used-replacement) and adjust it to be more in range with current chassis mileage.
Also, again, not sure about your particular motorcycle, but some vehicles store the mileage in the PCM rather than the cluster itself. Being that your instrument panel is digital, I'd suspect this may be the case as well. Have you confirmed with whomever is doing the install that the Odometer will be reset to 0?

*Edit* After doing more research on your particular model/recall it doesn't sound like Honda is offering or is capable of adjusting the new mileage. However, I'll leave the above information here for future reference for anyone else who comes across this thread.

If indeed your odometer is getting reset to 0-

Currently there isn't a seamless way of handling an odometer reset. It's something we can work towards building into the site, and we've talked about before, but at the moment it's a pretty rare occasion so we haven't moved forward with it.
You do have a couple of options.

You could continue on adding fill-ups as usual but add the mileage of your last odometer to each value every time. So, if you have 6000 miles currently, just add it to whatever your new entries are (current Odometer +6000 = what you enter in Fuelly).

Or, you could switch your tracking method to Trip miles. Fuelly stores the miles between each Odometer reading, so this would allow you to continue tracking without interruption. However, I can see this possibly posing a problem if you rely on maintenance reminders at specific mileage intervals based on Odometer.

Lastly, and what I'd probably do if it were my personal vehicle. Create a new vehicle profile. You could even name it something like "Vehicle XX- New Odometer/Reset" or rename the "old" vehicle, and start tracking from scratch on the "new" profile. Keep your current (Old Odometer) profile for reference and for your records.

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Thanks for the reply. I will see what option works best.

And what I read on the recall, the dealer notes the mileage on a sticker when replacing the cluster and places the sticker on the motorcycle as an official note.
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