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2015 Prius v here...

I have had VW Jetta diesels since 2002. I had a 2002 sedan for a year, then a 2003 wagon for 10 years.
In 2013 I sold the '03 and bought a 2013 "clean" diesel. Soon after the cheating stuff came out, I was able to get a decent trade in on a Prius v. I was pissed, I do all the right stuff, I reuse and recycle, etc. I thoght that I was buying a car that was good for the environment, turns out I wasn't.
I decided that I'm done with VW and LOVE my Toyota Prius v!

How do I put a fuelly badge in my sig on forums?


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Welcome Joe. Glad to hear you're happy with the Prius. Don't be too hard on diesels, overall they are much better for the environment in the long run, I feel the emissions scandal is unfairly tarnishing diesels, especially in the US where stories tend to get twisted, dramatised and exsadurated somewhat!

Remember not only do diesels save fuel, they slash C02 emissions dramatically, and virtually eliminate other emissions like hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. As you probably know now, modern diesels have also cut N0X emissions by up to 90%, so all these recent "issues" have already been resolved.

Enjoy the hybrid


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Hey Joe, was a Cmax considered (just curious)

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There is a big "Share your MPG" badge on the lower right of your vehicle's profile page. That will take you to links for badges.
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I got a 2015 Prius Three HB a couple of months ago with the solar roof option. Best option ever. Welcome and enjoy your car.
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I questioned the VW CO2 levels years ago ... If the fuel has carbon atoms in it and you burn so much per mile then that carbon has to come out in the exhaust! Unless there is a collector in there somewhere scrubbing the carbon out of the exhaust and forming a lump of charcoal? That would take energy so ... SOMEONE IS LYING! This was the reason alcohol was added to gasoline in the States ... There are more hydrogen and oxygen atoms with less carbon atoms in alcohol than gasoline so the carbon output gets reduced. Unfortunately making it was a joke and the damage it has caused can never be calculated.
I get to drive a Prius plugin once in a while and a few tricks help me get about 58-60+ mpg on long trips even in Boston traffic to Logan airport and back from Newport RI. Braking with regen not pressing so the mechanical brakes kick in really helps but regen is still very lossy so try to back off on the gas when you know you are going to be slowing down and when the engine cuts out you start saving fuel like crazy. Running in EV mode really is impressive and my friend who owns it didn't realize how good the acceleration is and the throttle feel is very smooth and progressive. Keep the tire pressure up around 42psi, you may find the max cold pressure on your tires is more that the usual 44 psi.

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