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Smile Allow me to introduce myself

This is a longer and more rambling introductory post than most I've seen here so far. I hope you enjoy reading.

My name is Jeff. My two current vehicles are a 1994 Ford Ranger 2wd Supercab with 5-speed and twin-plug 2.3, and a 1995 Geo Metro with the 1.0 3-cyl and 5-speed. I've owned the Metro since it was new, but it's currently parked pending title transfer from WA State, but I hope to have her back on the road soon.

I've been lurking here for a while and I must say I'm impressed with what many of you have accomplished. I can't wait to get the Metro back on the road so I can apply some of what I've learned here.

I've been a gearhead for over 20 years. I've done engine and tranny replacements, rear axle work, brake jobs, driveshaft replacement, etc. About what you'd expect from someone who does most of his own vehicle maintenance.

The list of vehicles I've owned:
1962 Olds (First car when I was 16. Never even got it on the road.)
1978 Datsun B210 (My first driver. I hated selling it.)
1965 Chevy Impala SS (Damn, what a fun ride.)
1980 Toyota Long Bed 4x4 Pickup (I sold it when I moved to NC and I still miss it like crazy.)
1995 Metro (Was my daily driver for 11 years, and will be again soon.)
1994 Ranger (Pickups are incredibly handy.)

I'm a big believer in keeping old vehicles on the road, especially economy cars.

I want to take up fiberglassing as a hobby and hopefully make use of that to make aero mods for my Metro, like an underbody tray and such.

My current career is in IT (tech support), but I want to get out of it and become a vehicle mechanic. This is my current "me" project. I hope to have my own auto shop one day, not just servicing cars but also modifying them for better performance or fuel economy.

Politically, I'm a social liberal and economic moderate. I think we do need properly sized government-run social programs, that government should be no larger than absolutely necessary, that our current government is far too large, and that we don't pay enough attention to education, home economics, renewable energy, and energy use, including fuel economy. I'm pro-gun, pro-choice, and, while I believe in God, I'm very much in favor of the complete separation of church and state.

It drives me nuts when native English-speaking people use the wrong words in sentences. Everyone should know how to use your/you're, there/their/they're, than/then, and its/it's. "Your" is by far the worst one in this group. It's very simple: If you mean to say "you are right", then you should write "you're right", not "your right". I'm sorry that this drives me so crazy, but ignorance ticks me off.

I like the new Saturn Aura, Mini Cooper (especially the John Cooper Works GP edition), and Toyota Yaris. I am generally anti-SUV and feel that far fewer people should be using them as daily drivers. SUVs that never leave pavement are a joke. Using that much fuel every day when you don't need to is simply inexcusable. They do have their place, but commuting is generally not one of them. I like hybrids well enough, though I do think they're overhyped a bit. I myself would rather have a Volkswagen TDI, either a Golf 5-door or a Jetta Wagon.

I really appreciate ingenuity and DIY skills.

That's about it. I hope to contribute to the board even before I get my Metro back on the road.

Thanks for reading.

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Driving on E
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Welcome to the site, and thanks for the introduction. Looks like you'll fit right in. I really look forward to seeing your gas mileage numbers as you stay longer.

As for the grammar, mixing up their/there/they're, your/you're, then/than, etc. bothers me as well, but the last thing I'm going to do is point it out to people. I honestly don't have the time nor do I have the patience to be the Grammar Police. I'm also certain that I've been guilty of grammatical errors myself after long days.

Glad to have you aboard.

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Your both write.
Grate massage.
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Welcome Jeff! That is an excellent introduction about who you are.
I agree with you on the SUV's. I am very much anti-SUV.
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Welcome to the site. Looking forward to some more Geo input.

(I had to try very hard not to write a reply in the style of onegammyleg . You can't let grammar/spelling/punctuation stuff bother you too much or the 'net will drive you nuts in short order. Just do your best to set a good example, I suppose.)
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Hi, Jeff Harbert!
Welcome to this site! You'll love it...if you don't get too (two? to? deuce? LOL!) close to the personalities involved! Great info post! Lots of "just folks".
So! Your favorite ride was the 65 Impala? Small block? Bucket / bench seats? I'm a Chevy guy...always have been, always will be, I reckon! My current (and last?) ride is my life-long dream... a '98 C5 Corvette, 6-speed (Dam* an automatic! - even a 'Vette auto) ...white as snow, homebrew tan(stained, from the best I could do as a "primer" color...grey...with LOTS of saddle conditioner) leather seats...the rest of the interior is a beige-tannish "match". Steering wheel / dash / etc. is black. Neato!
Austin Mini Cooper! A blast! Especially one that lives (lived...) on a trailer ; lugged around to IMSA / NASCAR racing events throughout the Southeastern USofA ! Them days is gone...but never forgotten! Bring lot$ of money....
Hey! (hay???) I'm starting to ramble myself! Too many years in a Gremlin (Rambler) I guess....I know... AMCs suck! But...there's a story here....
One last thing before I split...Greensboro, huh? That ain't far from Chatham Co.! "Just down the road...". Chatham Co. is the closest place to heaven in the whole world! ...I'm not opinionated...just me. Ciao! -Ted Hart ...respond if you dare!
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Thanks everyone!

Matt - I very rarely correct bad grammar, but I also don't understand people that take offense when someone points out a mistake. It's almost like they're proud of their ignorance. I just don't get that.

onegammyleg - Har dee har har.

roadrunner - Especially when they only have one person inside. So wasteful.

MetroMPG - I actually found GasSavers through your site. I hope to give you a run for your money eventually.

Ted - I'd have to say that the Metro is my favorite ride. It's so lightweight and nimble. The Impala was a lot of fun, but it was in pretty rough shape while I owned it, including a rear window that was rusted out at the bottom. Duct tape was my friend. It was a 327 with a Powerglide and bucket seats. I swapped on an Edelbrock Performer intake and Holley 600 vacuum secondary carb. It did mid-14s in the quarter with an easy launch, and it had awesome passing power. I'm sure it could have dipped into the 13s with a TH350 and brake-loaded launch.
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I think that prety well all in here would agree that accurate content is more important than grammer and spelling.

Personally I can't stand broad sweeping statements that arent ..err , are not , backed up with facts.

I also hope that all that report their FE figures as accurately as possible and that if a tankfull possibly contains errors that it isnt submitted into their gaslogs , especially if they are trying to bunk/debunk a FE myth.

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