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Talking Better GasMileage

There are a number of things you can do to get better gas mileage. These are in no particular order. 1. Make sure your car is tuned. 2. Change the oil at the recommended times and keep track of it. 3.Change your air filter regularly. 4. Keep fuel injectors clean as well carburators if you have them. 5. Keep your tires at the max p.s.i. The car may ride a little harder but it will roll easier. 6. If you stop and get out of the car, if you are going to be gone for over 30 seconds shut the engine off. Same thing at lights.
7. Use the gas type recommended for your car. 8. When changing oil use the proper weight oil for your heat zone. 9. After the light turns green don't jackrabbit off the line accelerate slowly. 10. When coming up to a light or stop sign, don't come to a complete stop, coast. If your car is moving it takes less gas to get it going then from a dead stop. 11. With an automatic going down a hill take your foor off the gas and coast. 12. With a standard transmission, put the car in neutral and turn the engine off. Afer you start slowing down, push in the clutch and put the car in 2nd or 3rd, then let the clutch out slowly, the car will start up with out using the key.
13. If you have a standard, everytime you go down a hill or an overpass, put it in neutral and shut if off and after it slows down, go to the procedure mentioned in 12. (I did this for a tank of gas with a SAAB 900 that only got 22 m.p.g. and when it filled up I measured the gas mileage and turned out to be 38m.p.g Another time going from Houston to Galveston and back with a standard, I shut off the engine at every chance I could even on flat ground.
I keep track of every 1/4 mile and when I added it up I had coasted 20 miles of a round trip of 130 miles. 14. Keep your speed down 10 miles under the speed limit.
14. Don't use your car as a storage shed. All that extra weight in the trunk or back seat adds up to decreased gas mileage.
15. Don' warm your car up, just start it up and drive off slowly for a while.

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Re: Better GasMileage

welcome bob! here are some of your ideas, plus a "few" more...tho some are redundant...
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