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Considering Honda

Hello all. I am a new User and I am considering a Honda. I have discussed my plans in other forums, where my intentions are perceived as either perplexing, or downright perverse (particularly on the CRX forums)...

You want a CRX HF, but you won't be swapping in a 200 HP VTEC engine? I don't understand... How will you burn out at every stoplight? What will you use to power your 500 watt boom-boom stereo? Where will you be putting your plethora of "No Fear" stickers? Your values are insane!

That's a typical reaction.

I have considered getting a CRX DX and replacing the engine with a D15B6 (the HF motor and tranny), but HF motors and trannies are hard to find (it seems). My ideal choice would be a Civic VX Hatchback in the '92 - '95 vintage, but I don't know how to go about finding one.

Any advice before I rashly buy a burned out '84 CRX and start rebuilding it from the ground up would be appreciated (I want to go crazy! Learn how to weld... reprogram the chip... install solar panels... SOMEBODY STOP ME!).

I would like to get something that runs that can serve as a solid foundation before getting into engine rebuilding (but I want to do that to). I want to avoid the pitfalls of changing motor mounts, wiring harnesses, and halfshafts though. Which is why I want to start with either an:

'88-'91 CRX HF
'92-'95 Civic VX

Good place to start looking, right?

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yea you got a solid base! if it were me i would not get anything earlier than an '88 crx (motor mount issues, and too much money to fix). i don't think that the vx hx hf motors are hard to find, its just that since no one wants them, no one carries them you know? solar panels... wow.... do it!! don't stop go as far as your imagination and wallet will allow!! and most important HAVE FUN!!!!



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You can see over 100 CRXs for sale in the US with some simple searches. VX also easy to obtain. If you get a CRX, better off with the 2nd generation as it's easier to get parts for, cheaper, easier motor & tranny swaps, etc.

Here is the short list: (have to do multiple searches, there are tools for others)

your local newspaper's site

Check the postings here - CRXs and VXs quite often on this site.
Looking to trade for an early 1988 Honda CRX HF (Pillar mounted seat belts)
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I had CRX HF before I bought my 92 VX. It took me almost 3 months just to find the right 92-95 Civic VX in a stock form. I'm pretty partial to the VX because of the additional backseat which comes in handy when shuttling my kids to and from school.

IMHO, the Civic VX is the best all-around gas-saver for the price.

Finding one... I combed through,, I ended up buying one ( from a mature owner who kept the VX well maintained.

Here in SF-Bay Area, finding a stock VX is difficult. Now-a-days, when you find one, don't expect to get a KBB price for it. Most VX owners know the value of this vehicle.

Good luck on finding one and Welcome to the Forum.
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Thanks for your comments! I am really leaning toward a VX. They seem rare. I keep finding cars that were prefect, but are in various stages of being "tuned" Fast and Furious style. I see a "No Fear" sticker (or something like it) and I run the other way. Do I want to buy your Mom's hatchback that you've half-butchered and driven until the engine blew up so you can have more money to buy pizza and dope? No thanks...

Oh and you think it's worth $8000 because you used a sawz-all to stick giant speakers in the B-pillars? Great!
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Luck plays an important part. I searched for over a year, but didn't want to travel to either coast & buy something based on a few fuzzy pictures. I finally found someone 2 hours away who didn't need his VX anymore (Company Car).
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The way I found my Civic VX was this method:

Go to In the search box type: "civic vx" -wtb -wanted

You can also add to that search: -rims
Give that a shot.
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Thanks for the good advice, everyone. Some of it I've been using already, and some is new to me. I especially like craig's list because any search can be turned into an .rss feed, and then I can see if it has updated every time I open my rss reader. Really easy. Unfortunately, it's just telling me every time a tuner car is on the market, but them's the breaks I guess. Anyone else get frustrated by how many of these cars get turned into booming "hot rods" and 1-800 cars? It seems a real shame to me.
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As a new VX owner myself, I can tell you that I am thrilled with the car and highly recommend it. Mine is 16 years old, with 212K miles, not particularly well-cared for, and it still runs like a champ and gets 40+ mpg.

Finding one that isn't crazy-modified will be a challenge, and when they do show up, they sell really fast... I had three slip through my fingers before I could even get in touch with the sellers. Best advice would be to constantly watch all the aforementioned sources and be prepared to act as soon as a suitable candidate appears.
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Thanks for your comments and experiences, Scrambled Egg. It is a relief to hear from someone who is having a good experience with post Boom-boom/post Tuner car. I am glad that Honda makes them so tough they can survive the male of the species as he goes through the age of 16-25!

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