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Hello from Turkey, Ankara

I am a 30 year old bass player and computer programmer from Turkey, Ankara.
I can understand english very well but i cant speak or write well. so sorry for my english.

I love cars and i especially like modifications that are both for fuel economy and performance increasing.

I know this webpage for 2 - 3 months and read nearly all of the contents in forums. Very nice site and i would like to congratulate all people participated.

My car is an '97 "Opel Vectra 2.0 CD Automatic"
Opel/Vauxhall is a "GM" brand and some technical specifications of my car:

Engine: 2000cc, 136HP/100kW@5600 rpm Max Torque: 188Nm@3200rpm, DOHC 16v 4 Cylinder ECOTEC family. Engine code X20XEV. Compression Ratio: 10.8:1, Has a variable intake manifold, an effective EGR system, has 4 fuel injectors, knock control and has 1 Oxygen Sensor. Engine management system is Simtec 56.5.
Transmission: 4 speed classic Auto Trans (P-R-N-D-3-2-1) AF20 (AISIN AW Japan Corp. production with neutral shift and sport program)
Maximum Speed: 212km/h = 132mph
Weight: 1360kg
Aerodynamic Drag: 0.28CD
Also this car has an accurate "Trip Computer"

Its also at 130.000km = 81.000miles
And this is an actual picture of my car that i took 1.5 years ago:

The modifications are:
-Catalytic Converter removed and a muffler is installed.
-Original "Cruise Control" fitted.

And the modifications about fuel economy:
-A Hydrogen Generating system "Ekomax" installed. It is the "Turkish" version of "Hydrogen-Boost"
-Recently i tried an electronic circuit to alter Oxygen Sensors signals for fuel economy.
and also: 40 psi inflated tyres.

I would also like to participate in your experiments and tests for fuel economy. Nice to meet you.


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Welcome to the site CapCom.

Welcome to the site CapCom. I think your car looks really cool. I'm always interested in hearing about brands that they do not offer in America.

When I spent a few years outside of the country I was shocked to see so many cars that I had never seen before. Sure enough they said "Toyota" or "Honda" on them. I think the car companies keep some of the best cars for foreign countries.

Anyway, I woulld like to learn more about your hydrogen generator. I would like to hear of any increases in fuel economy that you have had. Have you had any problems with it? Was it easy to install? Do you have pictures?

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Thank you very much.You are

Thank you very much.
You are the best contributers to the site who actively thinking about fuel economy and about these subjects. I congratulate you i read nearly all of your posts and they are a big help.

Opel is a German brand but it is owned by GM and especially Vectras reflect the American style of design and driving characteristics. And as being owned by GM corporation as far as i know Vectra share the same platform of "Saturn SL" series cars.

I also like both Hondas and Toyotas for example i would like to own a Honda Prelude or a Toyota Supra.
Turkey is not the best place to look for cars but recent years it somehow managed to catch up the native models of other European and Japanese companies. By the way it is very hard to find a "real" American car here which reason is obvious they are very big and not economical but in Turkey there are lots of:
Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, Opel, Volvo, Fiat, Hyundai, Mazda, Renault, Citroen, Peugeot etc.. Most of the cars here has 4 cylindered 1,4 or 1.6lt engines. 2.0 litre engine is considered "too much" here. V6s and V8s are only found in Jeeps
But the highest taxed gasoline is sold in Turkey. A country which relies its transportation on only higway transportation.. Very little railroad and sea transportation. 1 Liter gasoline is approximately 2.7 (New) Turkish Liras which equals to: 2 dollars

Unfortunately "Ekomax" did not perform well. It works good but I guess it produces too little hydrogen and it is very hard to tell for me that whether it affected mileage or not ..but also it is somehow early for me to say anything about it, the shop that produce the unit installs it to the car and i had installed it 1.5 months ago and drove 1000 miles so far. by the way it was rather easy to install.

I will take pictures of Ekomax and post here as soon as i can borrow digital camera from my friend.
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Opels rock! I like the

Opels rock! I like the oldschool 1980's opels. Welcome to the board.
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