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New guy here (with gas guzzler :( )

I guess I'm joining this website because I need some enlightment lol..!
I recently acquired a 02 impreza WRX, and if I remember correctly, the first month I got it I got 12.2l / 100 Km..and now I'm getting 14-15l / 100 km..I guess the cold Canadian weather, snowy roads and winter gas really make it suck..!

Any tips to make it better? I already tried putting the car in neutral to coast to stops / downhills, I'm trying some pulse and glide (lol) we'll see how it goes...

I'll be looking at a winter beater this summer as this is rediculous (eyeing civics)

comments welcome

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Make sure your vehicle is tuned up. Plugs can be pulled and cleaned (wire brush, solvent such as carb & choke cleaner and then dried, etc.), you can blow out your air filter with compressed air from time to time or change it, make sure you change your oil and filter at regular intervals, etc.

There is a sticky of things to do to get better mileage - you can look for that.

Remove excess weight from the vehicle such as clutter you're carrying around, etc.

Put your car in the garage - and keep interacting with everyone!

Winter definitely does affect your mileage.

Looking to trade for an early 1988 Honda CRX HF (Pillar mounted seat belts)
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next time you get new tires look for LRR tires. for the outback sport with 205 55r16 tires the continental contitouring contact ch95 are much more efficient than the average tire.

Keep the RPMs low. Inflate your tires.

Combine trips to avoid the cold start.

Dont go too fast.

Then again with a wrx, its not much fun to keep the revs low and drive slow!
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thanks for the info I meant to write what I did so far but forgot !

I changed the air filter, and the fuel filter this week, I also inflated the tires to 37-38 psi (It feels like it makes a difference when coasting), I got a boost/vacuum gauge I still need to install buts its too cold out, I plan on getting a scangauge 2 later too. I also got spark plug that I'm also waiting for warmer weather to install and going to clean the maf sensor. Hopefully I can at least reach the EPA estimates!! 22/27 if I beleive.

I'll check the garage.
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Among the other suggestions, you may want to try a low-viscosity oil. Mobil 1 0-30 should work in practically any gasser, and you might even want to try thinning it out with a quart or two with 0-20. Also, fill 1/2 quart shy of the full mark.

Avoiding the snowy roads might help somewhat, depending on how hard it's packed. You may be able to find an a route that's longer but gets better mileage; even if the fuel cost is the same, there'll be less wear and tear on the vehicle.

Some of the techniques that help 2WD driving in snow will help FE in a 4WD as well, e.g. getting a running start at hills (aka driving with load).

If you don't have any other gages, you can calibrate your fuel gauge to find out trip FE: fill with a consistent technique at the full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 and E marks, noting the fill amounts for each, and use this data to extrapolate the fuel consumed at each pip. You can then find the trip MPG by dividing the trip mileage by the fuel difference at the start and end of a trip, and the tank MPG by dividing the tank mileage by the fuel consumed.
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My current method of checkin MPG is fulling the tank full(stop at first clik), and tanking again at / near 100 km or 200 km (liter per 100 km). that gives me the Fuel consumption at 2-3% error rates.
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blah I can't beleive that..15 l / 100 km doing all I can to save gas...maybe I have a fuel leak
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Hi bought a pretty high performance car Bro! They look great, they perform even better when pushed hard...they have the social status. No doubt.
But if you're concerned about fuel usage...there are 3 things going against you right from the start...2 of which are specific to that car.
The cars state of tune is geared towards ultimate performance right from the dealer...the WRX is about HP. That = fuel. A WRX crowd could probably suggest the best small tweaks that you could do to maybe raise the mpg but retain some WRX power...I suspect they'd consider any mod in that direction detuning and a negative thing...but they probably know the specifics to a WRX.
#2 is the AWD. It is what it is. Synthetics will help but I'd be very surprised if you told me that a WRX doesn't already have that in the tranny/diffs.(or at least the diffs)
#3 is the engine design. It's never been easy on fuel. That being is absolutely awesome that the WRX's are getting similar fuel use numbers as older basic model Soob's.

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