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Ted Hart - ¨I found -"Bad Gas" was lacking in quality from pre-Embargo days!¨

Hi Ted.

It had a much lower evaporation temperature which was needed for the wick carburettors.
Applying modern construction techniques with this fuel would instantly double or triple economy figures.

Hi, Greg W!
I'm not picking a fight, just continuing a thread (I guess that's what you call this...).
Early gasolines were indeed different! Octane? Much lower (so were compression ratios!)!
I tend to agree with you about "modern" refining chemistry being able to double or triple present MPG figures...but why should "they" do this? It would kill their profits! We wouldn't want to do that, would we??? ;-)
Your "lower evaporation temperature"...didn't you mean "vapor pressure"? Temperature hasn't got as much to do with vaporization (all attackers line up on the left!) as composition. The Reed Vapor Pressure of today's gasolines has changed...EPA has something to do with this...they wanted a "safer" gas-for those who insist on pumping gas with a lit cigarette hanging from their lips! A gas of lower fuming capability (it's the fumes which go "bang"). So, if it won't go "bang" as readily outside...what's the same stuff gonna do inside the engine? Hmmm....

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Hiya Ted Hart

(?It would kill their profits! ?)
Yup , Exactly.!!

(Your "lower evaporation temperature"...didn't you mean "vapor pressure"?)
Well .Yes , but as soon as you say vapor pressure you lose the majority of people reading this.
I used the term ?lower evaporation temperature? as its easier for others to understand but the process correctly stated is as you say , a lower "vapor pressure".
As written on ?A more volatile fuel has a higher vapor pressure and distills at lower temperatures.? , it is somewhat temperature related but is not the only factor to be considered.

(.they wanted a "safer" gas)
Yeah , I believe that - NOT
If they really wanted a safety they would have switched to alcohols whose fires can be put out with water.(eventually) or insisted on superior gas tanks (foam filled , baffled etc) both in cars and at the service stations.
A non open venting fill system also could have been arranged so no (or minimal) fumes can escape during filling.
These are standard issue on racing cars.

This would have been much safer than changing the fuels make up. - it still goes bang quite easily.

(So, if it won't go "bang" as readily outside...what's the same stuff gonna do inside the engine?)
Well thats rite - water doesn't go bang readily outside either and it also doesnt make much power when put in a gas tank.

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Hiya theclencher

Yep they say that as well , but its quite an invalid argument.
Various gasses are stored and transported every day with no loss quite safely.

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