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New to site. just wanted to say hi

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New Guy from venice Florida

just a fast hello ........ am over 60 real estate agent.

have a degree in mech. engineering . hence the interest

in HHO.. real estate pretty much is on it's butt so in view

of the fuel prices and the strong possibility of things getting

worse, I thought it a great idea to get in the garage and see

what kind of messes I could make. Frankly I'm having a ball

and have built and tested 6 different types and sizes. all work

to some degree of other...... I do like the " dry cell" concept

best at this point .... I am however suffering from lack of

knowledge on the " Mod" side. EFIE and MAP/MAF stuff

even though I have read most of the info available on line. I still

feel that I don't know enough to start mess'n with my car.

I keep looking for that magic bit of info that will make it clear

as a bell ,,,,,,,,,, perhaps this forum will help.


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New from MI

Hi all,
Browsing this sight for a while and like what I read.Lots of good info. Just recently taking the leap for better FE. Been looking and reading for a couple months, however, been tinkering with HHO for a couple years. Been hesitant to do much with my daily driver so I just picked up a '88 Chev Cheyenne PU with 4.3 v-6 Throttle body inj. to experiment on. Daily is an '03 Pont Montana, 3400 engine.
I got brave a couple weeks ago and thought I'ld try the Acetone, oil mix in the Pont. No noticible change yet in MPG but it sure seems to run smoother and stronger. It has on-board MPG readout though it doesn't seem to jive with longhand figures.

Winter's coming and I don't have heated garage yet so the PU will probably not see much tinkering through the winter.

Lots more to read here so, see ya.
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Happy to be part of the solution!

Greetings to all,we are in Washington State and represent Simplicity HOD systems.As many of you have,we started with the Water4Gas book and design and have evolved from there.A very fortunate encounter with a man who has been designing and selling HHO systems for 3 years changed our whole understanding of this wonderful works and keep it simple and within the laws of Physics.Respectfully...WestEdge
Single cell design,pulling 9.5 amps. Using no stainless steel and no computer enhancements.Original MPG was 20.3,now avg 33.1 MPG

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Introducing MPGmonger

i started a thread before i saw this one so i figured i'd post here too to reach more gas savers

greetings fellow mpg hounds! this is my first post as i just found this board a frew days ago. saving gas was

just something i've always done, and i was sure there were others as obsessive as i out there. I've always had

small economy cars and have loathed big gas guzzling suv's. The recent, now dying thankfully, suv craze infuriated

me, especially the hummer. Now that economy cars are making a comeback (somewhat) more people are thinking

economy, especially in this bad economy. i always say that the big fuel crisis of the seventies should have kept

going and we should have learned a lesso from it, but instead, after the "crisis" was over, cars reverted back to

pre seveties gas mileage. WHY? why did that happen? for those of you old enought to remember, that crisis is

what spawned "economy cars", mainly from japanese and european makers then of course american makers (yech!)

followed suit. then along came the suv craze. here's a grand - idea lets make cars that get even worse gas

mileage! lets see how much MORE we can wreck our planet! yeah great! If only every one were gas savers like

us, we could solve a lot of probelms. Cause let's face - cars aren't helping our planet, no matter how much gas

we save, it's a fact. and yet big oil doesn't care because they have the power to change it but don't. they want

to sell you more oil regardless of the consequences. yep big oil loved the suv craze.

So, sorry for my politically tinged rant, i just want people to know where i stand with this whole thing becuase

being efficient in my use of energy is important to me. not just in driving but in everyday living. saving and

efficiently using gas saves money, but there's also the ecological side of it and that's the best reason to save

gas IMO. of course every one wants to save money and that's just one benefit from it among others.

I stumbled upon this site in my search for a new(er) car. i was driving a 91 CRX that got 40 mpg highway and

it was great, but alas, it's getting extremely old, so i bought a 97 civic hatchback dx for $2900 w 120/k. i

wanted a cx but that was a tall order. i haven't gone throuigh a full tank yet but i've driven over 120 miles

highway and haven't even past 1/4 empty yet!! I'll let you all know what i' getting for mpg after a few refills.

so i have a few questions for anyone who can answer or perhaps direct me to the right threads. most of my

gas saving has been done through economy driving constant tire pressure at 40psi, realtively good maintenance, and

infrequent oil changes. but i want to go a step further and see if i can jack this baby into the 50's mpg, at

least on the highway, if possible. my question is - as far as minor modifications where do i start? and what

about these chip mods i've read about, do they really get you better mpg and more hp without repercussions? and

question 2 - hondas are quite popular especially civics and civic hatchbacks are far less common especially now

since haonda stopped making civic hatchbacks in econmy (cx) and base (dx) models and are now only making si

hatchbacks which arent very good on gas (BTW what happened to honda? they used to make the best economy

cars and that's what was their mainstay and claim to fame. their hybrids aren't that good in comparioson to prius

IMHO). because of this, these car's are much sought after by car thieves because they're so popular to modify

for "tuners" with all of these after market racing parts and engine swaps and such and apparently the cx (see

above) is THE most sought after model since it's lighter. So my new pride and joy is a target - in fact, i walked

out to my car last night and noticed some suspicious activity. i think someone was scoping out my car and i 've

only had it for a week. the question is - what's the most reliable security measures? i don't care much for

alarms and i already have autolock, which is like the club, but it goes around a pedal, and might i add, this has

saved my crx from getting stolen 3x! i've been looking into these tire boots. some are 3 and $400, but there are

cheaper ones, and probably less effective. I'd pay 3 or 400 if i knew they we're foolproof.

Im looking forward to hearing from other gas savers and hopefully help aswell as get help saving more gas!

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Just started hypermiling with a '98 Civic DX automatic I got from my uncle. Been fixing it up and learning as much as I can on how to save money on petrol Thanks guys. BTW, I finally got over 31mpg today -see my garage.
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Cool newbie

Hi.... im a new member live in socal. I just bought a 92 civic vx and i love the mileage Im getting 38 to 40 but my engine light is on a friend check it and found out i need a new 02 sensor...... was suprise how much the sensor is.
need help.
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Welcome. There's a link in my sig to a VX O2 sensor for $99. The California VX may not use the same O2 sensor as the rest of them, though. You might want to search, or post in "Troubleshooting and Repair" section to ask about it.
This sig may return, some day.
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Originally Posted by walastik62 View Post
Hi.... im a new member live in socal. I just bought a 92 civic vx and i love the mileage Im getting 38 to 40 but my engine light is on a friend check it and found out i need a new 02 sensor...... was suprise how much the sensor is.
need help.
yeah checked it and don't have calfornia......thanks
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1990 CRX new member

I thought this was a good forum, but then I noticed the "water for fuel" ad. snake oil sell of a sytem.
Carrer Chemist oppinion.
Acetone as an additive, it seems possible. Any on road test is impossible due to bias, or road and driver conditions.
If used as an additive I would hypothesize no more than a 0.5% or risk possible damage to a number of components.
Acetone the molecule could fit between the larger gas, or diesel, molecules lowering the boil point or raiseing the vapor pressure, and thus a more readily combustable vapor.
This effect (if any) would be absolutly subjective to the type and condition of your fuel delivery system.
The point of pumps, injectors, or carbs, is to vaporize your fuel. Simply maintain these systems rather than trying to acquire clean pure acetone, and dealing with the enviromental and health effects of getting it in your tank.

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