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Originally Posted by brucepick View Post
Just for my education, why can some cars/trucks get by with a complete grill block?
It just depends on the radiator and it's efficiency Cooling systems are over sized for that worst case scenario (in this case, hauling something big and heavy up a mountain in the desert ).

Despite there being a grille block, you're still going to have some airflow - BUT, depending on the car, the difference is "how much" and is that "enough"

But the nice thing about making it removable/adjustable... If you notice things are running hot (as you did), you can easily pull over make an adjustment and then move on

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Had a good run today. I'll answer the questions first, then move onto my stats, and then a question.

Questions/Concerns - yes it is probably not much of a hauler at this point. But entire upper grille block honeycomb section pops out in under 2 minutes with the use of a flatblade screwdriver. So when I need to haul, or the NC summer heat gets a little too much, then I have that option. I typically dont haul much, but when I need it, I have a truck - which is why I bought a truck. Now - 3 years later, Im finally thinking about fuel economy and working with the vehicle I have.

Air is still let into the engine - between the hood and bumper is a 1/2" - 1" slit all the way across. Some air is getting in there, as described below.

Thanks for the positive feedback on the wife thinks Im a little nuts I think.

I drove 400 miles up hwy 95 today. I had a great run. The engine temp only increased about 15-20 degrees. before lower grille block, it ran at 188. Today it ran between 200-206 with the lower part added. I was also always moving of course. In stop and go traffic (which I am in very little of, if ever) it may inch up a bit more. But it was fine today, and that was with a NC high of 90!

without the lower grille block, my SG tests showed an average of 22mpg in testing. Todays run with the lower grille / bumper seam block added, I averaged 24.7 mpg, running between 60-70 mph. Then I hit got through ok, and kept my average up for the whole trip at 24.1. I am very pleased with this. Additionally, the last manual tank calculation I made was 17.5mpg on the tank. Todays manual tank calculation, made up of mostly highway but some local, was 22.4. Im very excited to see these mods payoff. I usually use an entire tank on this drive, but today only 3/4 of a tank. Round trip I have saved 1/2 tank. The great part is, I still have some more mods to make! 32mpg may actually be attainable!

Question time. I used cruise control most of the time today and noticed late in the trip that if I let cruise fully control the throttle while on downhill coasts, the SG would report back 50-60-70mpg. BUT if I used the cruise button, it felt like it disengaged the transmission and SG would report 120-130-140 mpg. I only used this for the last 50 miles of the trip, which is when I discovered that there was a difference. I also tried to just put it in N myself and coast, but SG reported the same 50-60-70 numbers. It was really weird, on the same hill, in cruise, without me using the crs button, SG = 50-60-70. Id hit it, SG = 120-130-140, Id let go, and back to 50-60-70. Any thoughts on whats going on\? Is SG confused, or do you think its making a difference?

I guess Ill know for sure on the leg back home Wednesday - as Ill be trying to use that button as much as possible and see if I arrive back with 1/2 a tank rather than 1/4.

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