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Check Tire Pressure? Rotate Tires? How Often?

1) How often do you actually check your tire pressure with a gauge and adjust the pressures?? Since it is so easy to do and has an impact on fuel economy, and also safety and tire wear.

2) Also, do you ever rotate them? How often? This will probably affect gas mileage (as well as tire wear) if they are more evenly worn I would think.

I check my tire pressures cold about once a month with a gauge and adjust pressures if needed.

I rotate them in the spring and fall.

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A more worn tire has less rolling resistance, according to my research.

I check my pressure probably every two months, and despite not being often enough it's rarely very different.

I rotate every 10,000 miles on the VW (once per oil change) and when I observe wear differences on the truck.

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I check my air pressure maybe once a month. But I visually inspect my tires every day, and with 75-series tires, I'd see if they were low at all. I do rotations every other oil change, 6-10,000 miles is good.
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Visually inspect tires: Every fuel stop
Check pressure: Once a month
Rotate: Every 5,000 miles when the oil is changed.
Alignment: Every 2 years, or when abnormal wear is noticed, or whenever new tires are purchased.

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yea i used to check my tires once every 2 weeks or if they look low. rotate them whenever, not sure if i correctly rotate them as i usually swap and put the summer rims on the truck and just pull em outa the shed and put them on.
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i check my pressure more often when it's cold.

got to check the basketball after a cold front moves thru as well. get to the park w/out checking it first ain't pretty. a flat b-ball doesn't bounce well!
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As for me, tire pressure is checked about once a month plus before and after long trips. The Matrix has a low tire pressure warning light but I do not reduce the frequency of physical checking with a gauge because of that.
Tire rotation is done regularly by the dealerships during routine services.
I also pump the tires to 3-4 psi above the levels recommended by the car manufacturers in order to save some fuel, improve handling, cancel the effect of any gauge inaccuracy (if deviated to the low side) and compensate for pressure loss over time or under winter weather (low temperatures).
Pressure of the spare tires is dealt with by the dealerships during services.
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1) Pressure and tread depth check weekly as part of the normal POWER checks.
(POWER = Petrol , Oil, Water , Electrics and Rubber)
The idea is to find and fix the small problem while it still IS a small problem.

2) Rotating tyres is something I have never done.
If it is wearing unevenly then fix whatever is causing the problem.
I have an alignment done when needed as shown by the wear checks above.

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Check the pressures? Maybe three times a year. Shoot me, please.
Rotate? once a year. The tires and wheels going on the car (snow or summer) have the two with the better tread mounted on the front unless I know the rim is bent or the balance weight isn't right, then the lumpy ones go on the rear.
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Rotate tires every other oil change (or every oil change if I go over 6000 miles). Look at them often, check them when I have a free minute.

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