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Electric Supercharger?


I was looking at that and thinking that it might do quite a bit to boost FE.

It only nets 1psi of boost, so it pretty much just eliminates the pumping loss due to having to suck the air into the chamber.

I'd imagine that it very much increases the engine's efficiency, and only through the increased efficiency is the horsepower increased.

Anybody try it?

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Basically it's a marine fume fan (bilge pump fume evacuator). I read the tech page and it claims that it produces 800CFM of air. It also claims that it draws 60amps @ 13.88V = 833 WATTS!!! That will put a noticeable strain on your alternator.

Just as a reference, I did some calculations on my 1.5liter D15Z1 VX motor and came out to roughly 175CFM at WOT (wide open throttle). Most Bilge fume pumps can put out 250CFM and cost <$40. That would put less strain on your alternator as well.

For the $300+ price tag....I would seek a different route.


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It is only made to be used during WOT and most sites I've seen on it think it is a joke that it cannot possibly move enough air to increase HP.

If you were to somehow rig it to be on all the time you'd need to modify your electrical system to handle the extra current, and then you'd probably loose any FE gains, plus I don't think its motor can handle being on all the time.
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1 psi will get you nothing
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I've heard of it's use mentioned in small twincharged hybrid systems since there's already the heavy duty electrical system there to take advantage of it.
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There's a reason compressors are used when compressing air - and not fans There's also a reason why it takes a LOT of energy to compress a gas

This does actually work - but it's a fair bit more than a marine bilge pump (in cost and design ).

In any case, for us - less air is better
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I once saw some guys who installed one as part of their turbo experimentations and I think with the thing installed it dyno'd a few less horsepower because of the restriction caused by the fan (on an NA motor, not turboed). They just did it because they knew it was junk and wanted to show off their debunking skillz.
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Zero PSI

This was a while back, but remember "Molecule" and his GS-R?


Basically he had a built-up JDM, 3-stage VTEC 1.5L in an Integra GS-R with a Nissan Skyline RB20 Turbo set to Zero PSI. 35mpg and all kinds of HP on tap.

So if I understand it correctly, if you reduce the pumping losses with a super-mild turbo at 1-bar, then you can gain some FE. This results in 14.5 PSI at the MAP sensor, which is essentially standard atmospheric pressure (29.92 inHG for US weather watchers). But, that doesn't mean the turbo pushes that much force, just enough to make up the difference.

What ever happened to Molecule???


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