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Finally the final solution

I've got to get me some of these so that I can double my FE immediately;

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Here are some other threads about the PICC system:


Honda Civic VX Info/Links
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Originally Posted by ezeedee View Post
controversy is an idea thought up by weak people who are too afraid to hear the truth.
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Don't buy it, they are full of themselves LOL

This test condition approximated an 8 cylinder van with a 318 engine, traveling up a 30 degree incline for one hour, at 65 miles per hour. Before the PICC modification, the engine used 18 pounds of fuel. At an average weight of 6.15 pounds per gallon for gasoline, that would equal 2.93 gallons of fuel. Converting that into miles per gallon, it got around 22 mpg.
Ahahaha you'd never get nothing up a 30 degree incline except maybe a vertical take-off jet, these guys haven't a clue it would be tough to get any car up even a 15 degree incline do you know how steep 30 degrees really is?
It may not sound like much but in real life a 30 degree incline is as steep if not steeper than a double diamond expert ski slope, pave that over and it's still looms above you like a WALL it's almost vertical at that point.

Then I had the 318 in my old D-250 (sold) for 4 years I drove that, best it got was 17mpg no load 55mph and straight out, today's might get 22'ish but unloaded and on a flat surface.
Van, truck, same thing really.

So the first thing I think these lab techs need to do is get their 'scientific' test method straight... That or lay off the booze

Now, the engine used only 2 pounds of fuel instead of 18 — an increase in efficiency of 9x.
Yeah but judging from the rest of their test results I dare say maybe it used 20 pounds vs. 18, they probably missed a 0 in the reading much like they were thinking a van could travel up a 30 degree incline at 65mph getting 22mpg...

Nice try but no cookie.
Don't believe the hype.

You could try polishing your intake manifold, that might do something.
Nothing miraculous, but at least it's easy to do and not too expensive and for real.
A FE gauge should be standard equipment in every vehicle.
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