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That is terrible for a small car. Is there much stop start traffic? If so, does your engine cut off automatically? If not, you may want to start switching off when idling to save fuel. Is there another route you can take, that perhaps might be longer in both time and distance, but less busy with traffic? A longer smoother journey at a more constant speed will use far less fuel than a short city trip.


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Originally Posted by genxbear View Post
I asked my dealer when I had my 7,500 oil change and they said I'm the only person they have heard of having such bad city mileage. Any suggestions? I drive very short distances.. From work to home is only about 5 miles.
That's a standard reply for any product and any dealer. "You're the only one we have ever heard of having that problem."

The short drive in the city is the problem. In five miles the engine may have warmed up, but the transmission hasn't. Even if the car has an automatic engine start-stop, it probably won't do anything until the engine is fully warm, and even then it will run enough to keep the catalytic converter "lit off." The engine computer may not let the transmission upshift all the way until the engine is warm, as well. My old Sunbird would not allow the torque converter clutch to lock until the engine was warm; my Tundra seems to shift no higher than fourth (of six) until the engine warms. All these things conspire to make the fuel mileage terrible. Frankly, my opinion is that you can expect no better unless your driving pattern changes.

By the way, that isn't an indictment of your driving. It is an observation that you are one of those people whose driving pattern (short trips, all city stop-and-go) makes for relatively high fuel consumption.

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It's the short distances. Getting the engine to warm up quicker could help by using a grill block and warm air intake.
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Originally Posted by giftogab View Post
I m glad your mother likes her car, but KIA Soul is not a bad small car at all. Happens to have a 5 star crash rating...which means a lot more to me than a few mpg since the mpg won't matter if I am dead. With a 3 star side crash rating on the mazda 3 I would have to already have my casket picked out.

You might not be able to defy death like this thread, but you should be okay in the Mazda 3.
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Originally Posted by gundamit View Post

You might not be able to defy death like this thread, but you should be okay in the Mazda 3.
I second this. The Car Guide (Guide de l'Auto) states the 2015 Mazda 3 is the #1 car in its segment


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