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Toyota Echo or civic HX?

I'm looking to get a Manual car soon that saves gas, it has to be under 10 years old, for around 3,000.

I looked into the best mpg out there, and so far the two that came out the best was

2003+ Toyota echo 30/33 33 combined
2001+ Honda civic HX 31/39 34 combined

on craigslist both of them are around the same price, the way i looked at it, the pros of the civic-

-bigger (compact vs subcompact for the echo)
-Has Rims instead of hubcaps (looks better, hubcaps wont fall off)
-1 mpg better combined mpg
-better interior (echo's interior looks too simple)

Pros of the echo-

-has 4 door option
-timing chain so i don't have to change a belt
-car's body style looks never/rounder
-O2 sensor wont be as expensive to replace

Which one would you choose? I miss driving a stick, and miss the mpg that gets out of it. I had a civic 5 speed before where I averaged 45 mpg and i loved it.

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Re: Toyota Echo or civic HX?

i've only been driving imports for the past few years. w/out ever have driven an echo, i'd go for the civic based on my experience of comparing and researching honda vs toyota.

but, if you've never driven an echo, you might at least go look at and drive it. and of course, if you need 4 doors, well...

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Re: Toyota Echo or civic HX?

Originally Posted by civic94 View Post
-car's body style looks never/rounder
Maybe newer/rounder, but horridly more ugly...

However I'd choose the Echo out of those two options. Echos are somewhat devalued and previously-owned by a better demographic than old Civics IMO. Civic values are inflated, so many Civics are riced, even the ones that aren't riced are likely to have been owned by a reckless kid, etc.
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Re: Toyota Echo or civic HX?

I love the look of the HX, but I have to admit that the Echo is a good buy. It actually drove pretty well and got decent mileage. I drove a friend's once, and I actually outran a Saturn SC1 in it (with 2 passengers in the Echo).

I think that both of them will be very reliable and net you driving enjoyment and good mileage. I would just base your decision on the actual vehicles you find (condition, price, # of miles, etc.).
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