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460 flex fuel

has anyone had experience cracking hydrocarbons?

i built a geet, but the 460 had no power

ive seen it is completely possible to crack hydrocarbons into simpler hydrocarbons, and use heat to take junk oil and make a "flammable smoke" that will power a spark engine. the patent list is 500 long

my idea is to use a heat exchanger to heat the oil to coolant temp, then spray through a nozzle into a tube that is as hot as the exhaust, cracking oils into lighter fractions, then putting that oil smoke under the carb. (hopefully running on the syngas alone with decent power)

i have most of the stuff to do this, but havent yet and im wondering if anyone has tried this.

i want a waste oil powered 460, but oils dont like to burn in an engine, without plasma spark, im also considering adding a plasma spark system to clean the plugs on start up and shut down when running waste oils, but running it constantly seems to wear out the plugs

i know about woodgas but dont have the room for a woodgas system

any suggestions welcome

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Any oxygen present at all where the oil hits the hot oil will just lead to it burning there and making a mess. Wood gas is essentially just hydro cracking of the cellulose, and to do it with oil will take a similar set up.

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yes reduced or absolute minimal oxygen at the cracking zone is a must, i look forward to buying a carb spacer and trying several of these exhaust heat exchangers with veggie oil (since most of our wmo is synthetic) i know that if woodgas is powerful enough for towing, syngas from oil can get my truck to 60 mph, i do have a manual transmission, so it needs to be able to rev, another thought is having the carb as the fresh air control, and just having the fuel pump on when 3/4 throttle or above. like i said its not a daily driver so i look forward to experimenting.
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