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Yay, 12 bucks, that pays for my electrical vss, w00t w00t.

PS: waiting eagerly on the wiring, have I mentioned that my temp gauge only reads when the car is in reverse, ?

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100 km/h = 1750 RPM!!!!!!

Got the tranny DONE! I spent the past few days working out bugs in my wiring, but all is copasetic now. I don't have my camera with me to upload pictures now, but I plan on streamlining the first post to have all the necessary pictures and descriptions all in one place.

I'm very excited to see how my first tank does. It will probably be pretty good as there is no AC on the car now.

I also replaced all the seals on the engine, so I'm hoping my oil consumption goes down. The interior is ripped apart now, as yesterday I put in a new evaporator and will be installing new seals for my entire AC system...I HAVE to get that up and running, as the heat index here has been 100+ in the shade the past few days.

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Old 09-09-2006, 04:49 PM   #43
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I have been having problems shifting after my conversion. The problem is that I have my clutch cable adjusted all the way out, and I still have to push the pedal to the floor to get the clutch to disengage, and it still doesn't competely disengage, making it difficult to shift. Intially I thought this was due to the AutoZone clutch cable I bought stretching and just being poorly made (it's very cheap...plastic where metal should be).

Anyhow, today I went to the dealership and bought an OEM clutch cable for a 1990 Civic DX Sedan (that's what my car is). When I go to put it on, the same problem arises - the cable is too long.

As a fix, I took a piece of 1" pipe and cut a 1.25" length with a slit down it. It is placed between the clutch cable and the bracket on the transmission. Now the cable is adjusted about halfway out and the clutch disengages about halfway through the pedal travel. I hope to tack weld this small piece of pipe to the bracket sometime this week, but a test drive around the town showed that it didn't move.

Here's what I think the problem is:

First, I think the problem is the pedal cluster. The cluster I installed was from a Civic Wagovan. I am thinking the clutch pedal on these has a different lever arm length above the pivot than the standard Civic. I know the shifter is slightly has a much longer throw on the Wagovans. If it's not the pedal cluster, then the bracket on my transmission is wrong, but I highly doubt this, as I pulled the transmission from a working CRX HF myself.
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I plan to do the auto to manual swap at some point way down the road in my 88 CRX.

I am just now trying to get all of the pieces together slowly and do it for as cheap as possible. I already got the shift linkage thanks to a hookup through SVOboy. Still have lots of parts to go.

I will definitely use this as a resource, thanks in advance Dax!
- UfoTofU

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Sorry for bringing back a long dead thread, but I'm stuck here... On these last two photos/descriptions, I'm having a problem......

Originally Posted by DaX View Post

Run a wire from the YEL wire on the 10-pin plug at the shifter to...

...the YEL wire on the white ECU plug (I call it pin A8). It's four over on the bottom when viewing this plug from the wire side. If you have a HELM, it should be the pin that controls the auto tranny lockup solenoid.

Once I have my notes I can tell you how to finish the wiring.
Except for the yellow wire for the backup switch on my '88 CRX DX, I don't have any yellow wires on the 10 pin plug at the shifter. Can anybody provide a better description regarding which wire goes to the ECU in this photo, or if this is just part of his description on how to wire the backup switch? I've got all the other wiring mods done for my conversion but I'm stumped by the descriptions for this one..... Any help will be greatly appreciated. My 2 day conversion has slowly crept up into the two week category, and I've literally only got days before it's too cold to work on the car!

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Re: DIY Honda Civic 5-Speed Conversion

very useful guide.

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