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Default Re: Approaching 50 mpg. Share some thoughts?
andmara -

Originally Posted by andmara View Post

Car mods, not in any particular order:
Kenda tires that are rated at their maximum load at 44 psi. I have them pumped up to 55 psi. Magnaflow 'straight through' muffler. You can look in one end and see daylight in the other. It eliminates pumping losses on the going out end. I have switched the DRL's (Daytime Runniing Lights) so I can turn them off. I have switched the alternator so I can turn it off also, (THAT was a trick finding the wire(s) for that!) and have installed a volt meter so I can see what the battery is doing.
Can you document this mod in detail in this or another thread?

I have discovered that I can make my complete daily commute in daylight, without the heater fan, without running the alternator at all. I hook the car up to a battery charger at night. In fact, my next step is to install the battery charger in the trunk and just leave a plug hanging out the front so I can plug it in at night. I installed a 'kill switch' next to the gearshift lever so I can shut the engine off easily whenever I want to. I made a mistake, though, and interrupted the signal going to the ignition coil. What I didn't think about is that the fuel injectors are still delivering 'idle level' quantities of fuel so once the engine is warm, is 'diesels' badly when you shut off the ignition. I think I'm going to have to interrupt the power to the PCM with my kill switch instead.
Hmmm.... what else..... I'm kind of ashamed to admit it, but I also don't have an air filter on it. I took it off last weekend when I was trying to figure out where to set up a ram air configuration and haven't put it back on yet. I kind of like the sucking sound!
I bought a used Zeitronix ZT-2 on Ebay last week and I'm going to use my laptop to lean out the Air/Fuel mixture. I think this is the thing that will put me over 50 mpg.
I guess that's about it for now.

Here is a variation on the kill switch :

self inflicted high idle - 06-28-2007
I wondered if anyone has a better solution for this issue.

I (and others) will coast with the engine off on a saturn sw2 using a "kill switch" in line with the FI fuse. After restarting it, it wants to idle at 2000ish rpm! I presume it was trying to bring the idle up with the engine not running, but it doesn't help my mpg goals for it to race around at 2000 for 5 or so seconds.

For now, I just unplugged the solenoid after it settled down to a 900ish rpm, but of course cold idle/AC idle stumbles a bit. I don't spend hardly any time idling or with the AC on, so no biggie, I just wondered if there was a better way than issuing a peace bond to the computer over control of the idle speed.
The kill switch is the fuel injector fuse (10 Amp, labelled "inj" in the engine bay fusebox) through a relay and momentary off switch. skewbe didn't report the problems you are describing, just bump-start and go.


just did daytime running switch today,,,

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i'd want to switch to 0w-30 before trying this...not even sure if it is worth doing, anyone have an opinion?

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