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Originally Posted by kitcar View Post
That and Firefox is turning into a POS. I get almost done with this post and Firefox decides to update and freeze. Twice. Sweet.
Tools > Options > Advanced > Update.... disable updates and you won't have that problem?

Leading the perpetually ignorant and uninformed into the light of scientific knowledge. Did I really say that?

a new policy....I intend to ignore the nescient...a waste of time and energy.
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Here's how tI do it....

I have a few observations on choosing tires and a method I use?not the only method out there?but about the best I?ve found.

I basically go to?.

I use because there is an extensive number of reviews and some tests on various tires.

No need to purchase the tires here?but they do have good prices.

I usually have decided what size tire I want to buy?usually maybe 2% to 3% over sized for better mpg. I use this page to calculate what size I want to look for and what the % difference will be from the original tires:

How to SEARCH for a good tire:

* Go to using the link above

* I SEARCH for tires by TIRE SIZE?..and I usually am searching for ALL-SEASON tires?.so I CHECK those various boxes that pertain to these type tires.

* After the search?I then rank the tires by PRICE.

* I then CHECK the first so many tires?maybe 5-7 of the lowest priced?.then click COMPARE.

* Then on the left in the Customer Survey area I look at SNOW TRACTION?.followed by WET TRACTION?and DRY TRACTION?looking for higher numbers.

Then considering price, traction, and tread wear?I carefully go through the REVIEWS, SURVEYS, and any TESTS for any tire that looks good.

Not everyone is going to like a certain tire?.but I can usually tell from the majority of the reviews what the tire is probably going to be like to own.

My ?THEORY? as far as Low Rolling Resistance tires is that YES?the OEMs put LRR tires on their new cars?but if you read some of the reviews?a lot of people can?t wait to get them off of their cars?usually due to poor traction. Eventually they might come up with good LRR tires though.

The method I use finds good high traction tires that I can then put enough PSI in to have lower rolling resistance along with good traction year around?.and I usually get a good deal at the same time.

The PSI in the glove box is only a start?after market tires are sometimes made in a much different way?I usually test various pressures?going with as high a PSI that I can and still have good cornering and traction.

I usually end up a few lbs under the sidewall max pressure. If one end of the car is lighter in weight?best to keep that axle a couple of lbs below the heavier end?

Bottom line for me is finding the best tire for the price?and the best traction and handling the tires are capable of?cause you never know when you?re going to need it.

As far as tires for 4WD?my belief is that for avg use?a regular passenger all season tire with a good sticky tread as found by the method above?will likely give the best road mileage and mpg.

I ran some Kumho 60 series?as an example?through some rough terrain on a 4X4?.and though the treads were cut up and abraded some?the sidewalls were still in good condition.

You can spend almost 2Xs as much for the same size tire?and get less tire for your efforts in some cases.

Note: You should use your own judgment if applying any of these ideas or they are only my opinions....not facts.


I now run these Kumhos at 44 PSI...their sidewall max. If you take out the sidewall then only have tread squirm holding you back? But you still have some decent traction.

I run some 35 PSI max tires on a truck at 35 front and 33 back.

Leading the perpetually ignorant and uninformed into the light of scientific knowledge. Did I really say that?

a new policy....I intend to ignore the nescient...a waste of time and energy.
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Haven't been on in awhile but I did spot this thread. After scanning through it I noticed the Goodyear comfortread mentioned. And just as they are mentioned, they are indeed not the greatest traction on snow and wet. I know, they are the stock tire on my Ion. Wear is not that great either. My original set were looking pretty shabby with about 42K miles on them, less than half tread left. I ended up with newer ones in July when my wife's Ion with just shy of 18K miles was totalled. I didn't want the same tires but grabbed them while I could. I have been keeping them inflated around 40 psi, although with the current temperature around here, I have to check them now. I have been satisfied with the mileage I am getting, mid 30's with a 5 speed. Got close to 40 over the summer, but not quite.
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LRR tire update:
The Grabber HTS features General Tire’s Eco-Ride tread compound to improve fuel economy molded into a specially engineered symmetric tread design featuring an enlarged contact patch and General Tire’s Stabilink system of connecting bars that increase circumferential stability to enhance braking, acceleration and cornering. Response Grooves provide directional guidance for improved steering and Hydro Channels eject water from between the tread and road to increase hydroplaning resistance while three types of sipes promote traction in dry, wet and wintry weather. The tire’s internal structure includes twin, ultra-high tensile steel belts to provide brute strength while an internal cushioning system isolates the vehicle from road vibrations for a smoother ride.
The marketing promises a tire that is everything to everyone...I have no idea if it really has lower rolling resistance than the competition or delivers on any of its promises, but since it claimed LRR I figured it's worth posting.

This sig may return, some day.
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