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BMHALL 09-20-2008 06:58 PM

Hello Group!
I'm Brad and I have studied alternate fuels for many years and have a few good ideas which I can share on how to increase your MPG. Many I have used and use currently. I am glad to be able to help each of you the best I can.
Peace, Love,& Happiness,

GasSavers_BEEF 09-20-2008 07:24 PM

most people come here to learn techniques and tricks to better their gas mileage.

so...whatcha got?

maybe you can pick up a few tricks to add to your MPG arsenal

BMHALL 09-21-2008 09:40 PM

Hey Beef,
As to your question, "whatcha got"? That is pretty broad question. As for an arsenal of insight. Plenty actually. Some things which still can't be told in public. Some old tech from the early 1900's. Some new. Mostly things that make people just shake their heads.
If I were to start with the current applications. Try 2 oz. of acetone in 10 gallons of gasoline/diesel. Every person who has used this at my recomendation has gotten at least 13% better MPG. My buggy went from 17 to 21 MPG with that alone. However, after a hydroxy explosion it went back to 17. I installed a 3.9Kohm resistor paralelled across the coolant temp sensor and the MPG increased to 21.7.
I have am EFIE that I'll install tomorrow and a Smack's that produces 1.7lpm @20 amps that'll be going in too. I just have to fix a vacuum leak. (When I have time, as I work 75-80 hrs./wk.)
That should boost the mpg greatly. I also have an Hydrogen generator which converts aluminum into H2. soon to be plumbed in. Then there is another method of H@ gen. which I will build shortly and install.
A water injection system will be going in too. Too bad I have to deal with a compurter. I went looking for a good old fashioned carbed car/truck today.
Those should give you a little idea of what I have.

GasSavers_SD26 09-22-2008 03:27 AM

Many here have seemed to have shown that acetone doesn't work with ethanol spiked fuels.

Start posting up your mileage in your garage entries too. Helps everyone understand some of your results better.

GasSavers_BEEF 09-22-2008 03:43 AM

start a garage and a gas log. numbers don't mean much without knowing the vehicle. good luck with the HHO and EFIEs. I personally won't mess with that stuff, worried about running too lean and blowing stuff up. also the whole negative energy equation.

like I said to begin with good luck to you. also of note: their is an HHO forum on here as well.

theholycow 09-22-2008 09:03 AM


Originally Posted by BMHALL (Post 119157)
Mostly things that make people just shake their heads.

We get lots of that stuff posted here...


I also have an Hydrogen generator which converts aluminum into H2.
Interesting. Can you provide any details?

bobc455 09-22-2008 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by theholycow (Post 119189)
Interesting. Can you provide any details?

I assume he's working at CERN to be able to convert aluminum to hydrogen

rgathright 09-22-2008 01:16 PM

How do you feel about the amount of alternator power required to produce hydrogen?

GasSavers_BEEF 09-22-2008 02:06 PM

that has been my delema the whole time. HHO guys say that it is possible. and in all honesty, it is.

can you break down water into HHO? YES
will hydrogen run a car? YES (honda has a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle)
can you produce enough electicity to do this in a car? YES

can you do it efficiently enough to see a net gain in MPG? that my friend is the million dollar question and all sources lead to "NO"

there are also people pushing the envelope with EFIE and program tuning which pushes them dangerously close to detonation. I feel like it won't catastrophically stop the engine right away but damage it enough to where the engine life is severely shortened.

(sorry about that. this is a welcome thread not a debate) -beef steps off of soap box-

theholycow 09-22-2008 03:22 PM


Originally Posted by bobc455 (Post 119204)
I assume he's working at CERN to be able to convert aluminum to hydrogen

Drat. My truck can carry a decent load, but I don't think it can tow around a working supercollider.

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