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101mpg 11-22-2008 09:03 AM

Forum Etiquette and rules
There are a few rules we have here but the basics are be nice and be reasonable; please don't spam and try to get along. By using this site you agree to these rules. If you don't want to follow these rules, you aren't required to post. You can read the full rules here: Fuelly Forum Community Rules.

Ground rules:

Be nice. While spirited debate is always welcomed, personal attacks, foul language and bad behavior are not. You can disagree, but do it respectfully, politely and courteously. If it gets personal, take it offline.

This is a family site. Rated G, suitable for all.

Don't Troll. Posts that are deliberately designed to provoke an angry response are unwelcome. Users can disagree, but learn to let go.

Follow the rules. The moderators on these forums are all community members, too, and we want this to be a great place to visit. Moderators do excercise the authority to ban members when the rules are repeatedly not followed.

Post in the appropriate forum. Moderators may move a thread from time to time, so that this site can be more effective.

No advocacy. User signatures must be clean, cannot be spam, and don't promote competing websites. Spammers are banned. Advertising in posts or signatures will result in a ban.

Avatars and signatures. Avatars and signatures must follow all the rules of the site. Keep them clean and as simple as possible.

Ask questions. There is a wealth of information in this community. Questions are welcomed. Moderators are here to help as well - we are all part of the community.

Trim your followups please. Do not quote the entire content of the message to which you reply. Include only as much as necessary for context. Remember that this is a forum, not a mailing list. The whole thread is always viewable. If you reply to more than one person, try to use the following if possible:
@ User1: Response....

@ User2: Response....

This list will be updated from time to time. Again, suggestions are welcome, just reply to this thread. Replies will be deleted after a week.

Your friendly fuel saving moderators :)

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