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GasSavers_Sylvester 03-27-2009 05:11 PM

I have a 92 VX I bought new. Awesome little car 495,000Km and still runs like a top. Regular stuff like LAF sensors and CV joints brakes etc but yesterday I had some bad news. My exhaust manifold is cracked.:eek: so... other than Honda's rediculous price are there aftermarket solutions like headers and a downstream convertor? Has anyone tried to use a non heated O2 sensor?

GasSavers_TomO 03-27-2009 06:08 PM

Welcome to GS fellow VX owner!

I have a spare OEM VX manifold I could sell you.

My OEM Cat had gotten pretty clogged up so I went with an aftermarket header and downstream cat.

GasSavers_Sylvester 03-27-2009 08:34 PM

Hi TomO Thanks for the repy. I am interested in your manifold but would like to know where and what you sourced for a header? Did you stay with the heated O2 sensor?
Sylvester AKA John Mc

GasSavers_TomO 03-28-2009 07:04 AM

I bought one of those $40 stainless steel headers from ebay that have the O2 bung near the end of the collector. Then I bought a new cat converter and set it all up like a DX/Si civic, with the heaader, then cat below (in the normal spot so to speak). I fabbed up a whole new exhaust system at the same time as the header and cat wouldn't be a bolt on affair for the rest of the stock VX system.

I kept the OEM LAF wideband and made an extension harness so it would reach the new position of the O2 bung. I had originally used the upper O2 bung, but it corroded the threads on the LAF and I ended up getting a onother one because the threads were so trashed on the O2.

GasSavers_Sylvester 03-30-2009 08:30 PM

Hi TomO
I sent you a PM but your mailbox is full!

Can you give me a contact for a header to fit a VX?

Or, sell me your stock Vx exhaust manifold?


GasSavers_TomO 03-31-2009 09:48 AM


Originally Posted by Sylvester (Post 131340)
Hi TomO
I sent you a PM but your mailbox is full!

Can you give me a contact for a header to fit a VX?

Or, sell me your stock Vx exhaust manifold?


Sorry about that, I've cleaned up my inbox for future use.

My only concern with selling you my stock Manifold is whether or not you'll be able to remove your catalytic converter from your current manifold. In MN, the roads are not nice to the 4 bolts that hold the catalytic converter to the manifold. I had to break mine off when I went to recycle my old CAT.

Where do you live? I can get a shipping quote and help you to determine if your bolts will be seized or not. Most of the time, if you drive the car for about 20 minutes and get the bolts warmed up well, you can break them free without them snapping.

Oh, I also have the lower four bolt gasket too that would be included with the manifold.

GasSavers_Sylvester 04-01-2009 08:53 AM

Hi TomO I'll send you a PM

GasSavers_TomO 04-02-2009 06:59 AM

PM received and replied to, and an email too!

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