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cougar86 06-29-2009 09:30 PM

Need help with 87 civic vaccum hose diagram
Putting together a 87 honda civic 1.5 liter 5 speed. Any help for vacuum hose diagram... what mods can be done for increasing mileage

GasSavers_Erik 06-30-2009 04:52 AM

Here's a link to a diagram for an 87 civic with auto- manual should be very similar= https://www.redpepperracing.com/techn...12-05.png.html

I picked up a few highway mpg in my 87 Civic by putting in an HF trans, but it decreased my city mpg.

In summer, I was getting 42-44 mpg at 65 mph with my 1.5 liter engine, but I swapped to a 1.3 liter engine and am trying to do even better.

cougar86 06-30-2009 08:14 AM

Need help with 87 civic vaccum hose diagram
Erik, thanks for the link. Exactly what I needed.Any other mods other than the trans? Alternator, mirrors, air dam, wheel covers, bellypan? Don

GasSavers_Erik 06-30-2009 09:37 AM

There is another mod to lean it out, but it will be difficult because alterations to certain vacuum connections will need to be done inside the black emissions boxes.

Is your vacuum system intact- or had someone already removed much of it?

GasSavers_Erik 06-30-2009 09:39 AM

One more thing- you can inflate your tires to the stated maximum on the sidewall- but be careful because it may handle differently.

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