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Sport/Truck 08-26-2010 03:06 AM

Re: Installed new carb insulator= slightly higher idle?
That's the one! Honda PN# 30104-PE1-830. I cant seem to find a place to order it. The site you listed doesn't sell parts? For what ever reason I can seem to find a way or order on that site.

Sport/Truck 08-26-2010 03:18 AM

Re: Installed new carb insulator= slightly higher idle?

Originally Posted by add|ct (Post 154286)
Check out this site:


I've found the exact P/N on here, but you'll have to verify if the one's listed are more or less correct. It seems like the one for Airtex/Wells on RockAuto is for the A/T, not for your car being the M/T obviously.

Its linked to this submodel, w/ auto tranny:


Your P/N should be this one?


It's the same P/N for all of the M/T, with only the Si having a different vacuum advance part.

Last night I googled the pn# without the dashes (I didn't have them) and one of the five links was Rock Auto and they showed the part.

The interesting thing, if you use the RockAuto site it leads to another PN - as you seen.

I googled the full PN just now with the dashes and got tons of matches.
I'll do a quick search on some of those hits and order the part today, hopefully get it early next week. I'll probably use the RockAuto as I've heard good reports from my cousin who has used them before.
Anyone else had good luck with them?

Sport/Truck 08-26-2010 06:41 PM

Re: Installed new carb insulator= slightly higher idle?
I called Rock Auto and inquired about the parts they listed for my car.
He said the Standard auto parts showed the correct cross reference for my Honda PN# (Why the lady last night couldn't do this I don't know).

This cross reference (look for tab) was great for assuring I was getting the correct part. I ended up getting the Airtex/Wells, not the one that Rock Auto listed for my car (it was incorrect), but the one that crossed over with the Honda # I got from the dealer (and addlct confermed).
I did this with the Standard brand he wanted to sell me and I crossed forwards and backwards ultimately having 3 to choose from, w/ pn#'s agreeing and satisfying my doubts. :p

Anyway they couldn't get it to me before this weekend so I just opted for the cheapest one (Airtex/Wells). ;)
So now I'll have something to do over Labor-day weekend :rolleyes:

add|ct 08-26-2010 10:06 PM

Re: Installed new carb insulator= slightly higher idle?
Nice. I just ordered the replacement 02 sensor for the VX just the other day and it should be here tomorrow(hopefully). Ironically, I actually did buy from the Standard Motor Products as they sell the cheapest 'known' replacement sensor for this car and the later HX model Civic. $55 shipped, with 1-3 business day USPS.

I crossed the P/N as well and the VC-433 does match up. So, you did wind up buying the Airtex/Wells pn 4V1253?

Sport/Truck 08-27-2010 02:58 AM

Re: Installed new carb insulator= slightly higher idle?
Yes, $53.97 delivered. :thumbup:

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