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vectorg 12-10-2010 07:26 PM

Holiday bird is not a turkey
Yes, I generally drive the speed limit and stop fully at stop signs. This driving style is not popular with others in California.

Tonight I was tailed in my own neighborhood, so I pulled over and let the person go around. As I drove on, they actually rolled down their window and flipped me off. It was at night, but I could see it. Why? I drive the speed limit and obey laws.

These driver are not gaining any time except for a few seconds. Why do they act this way? Some of you are out here, so please tell me.

I do not encroach on other driver's space. This is my policy. Why is yours different? Just go around and let it go.



Jay2TheRescue 12-10-2010 07:40 PM

Re: Holiday bird is not a turkey
Some people are just (insert your explicative of choice here).

theholycow 12-11-2010 03:51 AM

Re: Holiday bird is not a turkey
Yuck. That'd make me think twice about pulling over next time.

I obey the speed limit not for saving fuel but because I cannot afford a speeding ticket and insurance rate hike. I can save fuel at any speed (well, maybe not in my Buick).

I mostly don't pull over. If people are willing to risk an expensive speeding ticket, they should be willing to risk a relatively inexpensive illegal pass ticket. The roads where I usually drive are empty enough that safe passing is very easy.

There is one spot where I pull over, if someone is not tailgating me. If they're tailgating I just go slower and don't pull over. Let them complain to the police or their legislator, maybe the unreasonable speed limit on that road will be raised or maybe traffic enforcement will be there to nab them for tailgating (that'll never happen).

I feel your pain. There's not much we can do about it.

If you drive the same roads at the same time every day then the traffic will eventually get to know you, and if passing is possible they will learn to pass. This has happened on the road where I pull over. Lately when I pull over they don't dawdle anymore, they just pass immediately, I don't even have to come to a stop. There's a couple spots that are especially easy and safe for passing without me stopping, and I regularly get passed in those spots. The other day I got passed by 5 cars at once on this usually empty country road.

If you're willing to draw attention, add a message to your back window either encouraging a pass or telling them to write their legislator for higher speed limits. I'm not so I don't...I already draw too much attention with my old car and slow driving as it is.

You could complain to the police. They may send someone to enforce traffic laws. However, if they're anything like the police around here, they'll never enforce any laws that actually have to do with safety and courtesy, only laws that are great for revenue generation - speeding, mostly. Even that could work if people get the idea that the road is heavily enforced.

You could complain to your local legislator. If you can rally up enough support, maybe the speed limit can be raised to match the prevailing speed. Is California one of those states with a law saying that the speed limit must be related to the actual speed that most drivers are driving? Looks like yes: https://www.ibiblio.org/rdu/ca-speed.html

Edit: Holy crap, sorry about the encyclopedia-length post. This is a sore issue for me.

bowtieguy 12-11-2010 12:53 PM

Re: Holiday bird is not a turkey

Originally Posted by theholycow (Post 156409)
Edit: Holy crap, sorry about the encyclopedia-length post. This is a sore issue for me.

for you? my wife has been rear-ended 3 times(2 bad ones) in the past 10 years. she has never been the same since the second. i do not tolerate tailgaters. i will slow and encourage them to pass. on low speed roads, i won't pull off--i will stop in the road(if it is just the tailgater and i).

mistakes happen, and i could go on a rant about tougher laws, stiffer fines, etc, for erratic driving behavior, but...let me say this instead: tailgating is a conscience choice. and when that choice endangers my family, well, i take action!

shatto 12-13-2010 10:55 PM

Re: Holiday bird is not a turkey
The Tundra cruise control works from 25 MPH.
I use my cruise control from 25 MPH.
I pass many cars, being cited, as I 'cruise' by at the posted speed limit.
Great fun.
Try it.

theholycow 12-14-2010 02:02 AM

Re: Holiday bird is not a turkey
While people do have seemingly random slowdowns, around here that means they go from 180% of the speed limit to 140%. It's exceedingly rare for me to pass anyone while obeying the limit. It's worse where the limit is low (like 25mph).

Jay2TheRescue 12-14-2010 03:16 AM

Re: Holiday bird is not a turkey
I don't think the cruise in my GMC works under 20 MPH, but I know in the BWH and Rusty it will work as slow as 5 MPH.

GasSavers_BEEF 12-14-2010 04:10 AM

Re: Holiday bird is not a turkey
when I was in driversED, they taught us the 2 second rule. this was 15ish years ago.

for anyone that is younger, has that rule changed? I know it is more of a rule-of-thumb but I wonder if they still teach it or if it has been replaced.

funny story:

my wife was being tailgated in her van (nissan quest). the person was so close, she couldn't even see their headlights. when she slowed down, they put on their brights. it didn't really matter because they were so close. she did a small brake check (pump the brakes once to make the lights come on). still no change. a pass zone came up so they gunned it. it was another minivan. as they went past, all the windows went down and about 15 hands with 15 birds were flying. at first we were upset but then the moment became comical. kind of like the clown car. we still get a chuckle out of that one.

theholycow 12-14-2010 04:27 AM

Re: Holiday bird is not a turkey

Originally Posted by BEEF (Post 156453)
when I was in driversED, they taught us the 2 second rule. this was 15ish years ago.

Same for me, also about 15ish years ago. 2 seconds in optimum conditions, more in dark/rain/incapable vehicle/feeling tired/etc. In practice I find that there's nothing to be accomplished by being even that close.

bowtieguy 12-14-2010 04:45 AM

Re: Holiday bird is not a turkey
i'm not younger, but the rule hasn't changed. for larger vehicles, there's the 3 or 4 sec rule. just like many privileges(not rights), a driver's license is too easy to get in the US.

trollbait 12-14-2010 08:53 AM

Re: Holiday bird is not a turkey
The last time I flipped through a drivers manual, it was up to 3 seconds.

Last winter, I was doing around 25 leaving from home. The roads have 25 and 35 limits in this area, but there was still snow and ice on them. What I thought was Volvo got right on my ***. I drifted over a little to where the cinders have gathered. Cinders are tiny rock-like chips the less wealthy/cheaper townships use instead of salt and sand. A moment after getting hit with the cinders, he backed off, and I saw the Mercedes hood ornament.

kamesama980 12-16-2010 03:29 PM

Re: Holiday bird is not a turkey
I took D.E. 10 years ago (holy $*** where'd the years go...) yea, 2 seconds (some I've heard 1 sec/10 mph or maybe I thought that up?) the problem is drivers ed is a joke, USA driving tests are a joke, and parent's just sign off on the 6mo/48 hr supervised driving thing. My kids are gonna hate my guts when they're 16 (or 18 or whenever the age is by then) and love me for it 10 years later.

can't say I've lost the hood ornament they were so close but I've lost the headlights. If I'm going over the speed limit I'll usually drop down to it. If they're close but not stupidly close, I'll slow down without hitting the brakes. If they're stupidly close I tap the brake lights as a warning, then slow.

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