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Rusty94cx 05-06-2013 05:43 PM

Got it for 1000 3 days later passenger fender got hit broke light and bent fender. Was in a parking lot guy backed into me. Got paid 970$ so 30$ car. Now I've spent hmmmmmm. 200$ on vx wheels 60$ on used tires 25$ new fender 30$ new side markers 50$ on new front lcas and sway bar set up 200$ new 02. 60$ on prelude seats and probably 50$ on misc odds and ends from the junkyard. That would be dead pedal intermittent wiper upgrade. New used tailgate struts. So so far it's cost me. 655$. Still needs a/c Condenser and struts. So not a bad score did I mention it just had a timing belt and front brakes done. Told that hispanic not to drive it while his license was suspended. Lol. Sell it toe or loose it to the actuion. Sorry don't hate.

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