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dave wofsey 06-08-2013 02:31 PM

Combustion Dynamics
I am Dave Wofsey the inventor of the Sonic Spark Plug, US Pat. 5,610,470. I do not like to make promises on gas mileage saving as this is dependent on variable conditions, and the driver. Unfortuneatly, the operation of spark plugs, and the combustion process is not generally understood. When, I first invented the Sonic Spark Plug, I applied my knowledge of Engineering Acoustics, and my experiance in welding. It worked. But, I actually knew very little about spark plugs, and combustion. And, nobody else did including the automotive industry. For me, it has been a long term learning experiance. Also, I have had a problem in marketing. The HHO System has been a major challenge to me. Today, there are very few people that understand its operation. There is the introduction of Hydrogen that is considered the be all.

My first objection the chemical formation of Nitric Acid, H + NO3 + HNO3. But, there is much more to this point. Because, HHO system works, I am a competitor, and it is important for me to understand. Also, I give speeches to the Colorado Air Quality Board addressing the impacts of Air Polution.

In the first step of the Combustion Stroke, the air and fuel input is cold. With the input of Hysrogen, the spark fires, and the Hydrogen reacts. This generates an energy field that changes Oxygen to Ozone. Oxygen is slow, Ozone is instant.
This accelerates combustion raising the temperature and pressue in the cylinder.
Normally, the Ozone translation does not occure untill the the temperature reaches 300 Degrees Centrgrade. Ozone is the major Oxidizer. For over 100 years, they have been building engins, and this was never understod. The atomotive engine would not work if this translation did not happen. Ozone reactions always complete, and you do not get Ozone out the tail pipe.

I will follow up with an additional thread .

dave wofsey

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