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briogio 09-08-2013 04:37 PM

Did I buy the wrong VX 02 sensor?
I may write a book on my VX motor into CX swap, what a pain!
I noticed that my NTK 5 wire 02 sensor, labelled 24300 & A7B4B1, on a white sticker on the box. On the actual sensor; LZA09-E1 with "NTK Japan" below it, and on one of the 6 faces for the wrench it's marked "1T51", the wires coming out of it are, (at the plug), right to left; blue, yellow, with grey below, white, black. From what I've seen this is different from the; NCA(?), white, red, white, black, orange, yellow, wire colours I saw for this sensor on another site. Did I get the wrong 02 sensor?, can I still use it by substituting colours?, do I have to buy another one?
Thanks for your help:confused:

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