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Luii90 11-07-2013 09:10 PM

Hi i'm Louis, currently looking for a honda civic cx/vx model in stock form. Might be looking at a 1992 civic cx this wkend really clean and came with options fr
om when bought at dealer. He was asking 2800 but i managed to talk him down to 2500. Also another civic vx model but seller wants 4k and civic has 340k no rebuilt i think thats a bit over priced for me. So going with cx even though i wish i could buy the vx. LOL i drive a 99 gsx 400whp on e85 fill up every two days:eek: i do about 100 miles a day in traffic and some hwy opens. Ud like to learn more on how to save gas and get a lot of knowledge other then what i know pleasure signing into this :)form.

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