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swansey.john@yahoo.com 11-24-2013 03:06 PM

vapor systems
I I/installed a vapor system on a 1990 V8 Cadillac and had great power any one can do this if you use a correct bubble tank whit plenty of air flow ( It is the air flow that counts I have pictures of the set up but have left them at a Nabors house so have to see if he has missed placed them It is a very simple operation and any one can do it too many demos show driving their cars but the last one I saw only gets to 40 miles per hour . with this set you should be able to have all the power to do full speed as cars do . ?I am willing to give all the information to any one for free . as to day I do not have this car any more and have bought a small Toyota truck and have not had time to convert it yet . Any one interested in doing the job right let me know stop running little mowers on vapor that is a waste of time

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