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Atomcrusher 02-03-2014 11:30 PM

Introducing Atomcrusher
Hi all .. I've been using Fuelly since I discovered it a couple of years back, and it's great to be able to compare fuel consumption between fill-ups.
I am retired now, after working many years in Johannesburg, South Africa, and now live peacefully & happily in a small town in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. My current vehicle is a 2012 Toyota Hilux 4x4 3-Litre D4D which I bought new. I sold my previous 4x2 Hilux, as the area I live in now has many opportunities to get of the beaten track and explore the many 4x4 trails & unsurfaced mountain passes close to my home next to the towering Langeberg mountain range.

Previous recently-owned vehicles were a Toyota Landcruiser 100GX 4500cc petrol 4x4, and my 'fun' car, a Honda S2000, both of which I sold when I retired (I would not enjoy the high fuel consumption of the Cruiser at 24 L/100km on a retirement income!)

I seriously regret selling my Honda S2000 soft-top, as it would have been an absolute joy to drive on the excellent tarred, and winding, Western Cape roads we have all around us. I bought the S2000 a few years ago after selling my last motor-cycle (a Honda VTR 1000) ... I had owned 8 previous m/cycles before that last one.

theholycow 02-04-2014 07:51 AM


Bummer about having sold the S2000, I bet it was loads of fun.

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