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Compaq888 01-08-2006 02:52 AM

Went to a party, really disappointed.
So my cousin invited me to a party to a guy's house that we both know. Lots of girls, and friends were there. When everybody was leaving I tried to get a girl's number and she said I didn't even know her name. I said I knew her name and I told it to her. Then she said she was way too old for me and asked how old I was. I said I was 21 and she said that she is 23, I said so what. Then she gave some bull**** excuse that she doesn't give out her number. The girl was okay. She wasn't hot and she wasn't ugly.

Then after everybody left it was just me and the guy that rented the place and my cousin and my cousin's girlfriend and a mutual girl friend that all of us know and a (guy)friend of the guy's place. He doesn't know the mutual girl friend.

So my cousin was like let's go. My cousin takes his gf and the mutual girl friend and the (guy)friend of the guy that owns the place and they go into a room and turn the lights off and you get the picture. The mutual friend was like "I don't want to go anywhere".

Anyway after sitting for 15min I said I'm leaving to the owner, took a piss and left. The owner had to go to sleep while some strangers in the next room made whoopy.

That is so f$%&*% up on so many levels. Thank god I came in my own car, otherwise I would of been stuck there waiting till my cousin had enough. He is one of those guys that can go the whole night.

The moral of the story is I don't get any and my cousin will do it infront of me just to make me jealous. I'm not talking to him again. That is messed up, especially for the owner.

Another thing, I'm going to stop going to parties, nobody gives me thier phone numbers and I never get any. All I do is bring the alcohol and somebody drinks it and gets laid. BTW the mutual girl friend was completly sober. She didn't even have a drink, she never even talked to the guy, what a ****.

I'm going to be one of those single guys that is very dedicated to their career. The only reason I wanted to buy a new car was so I have a better chance of scoring with the babes. My communication skills are pretty good and my uncle knows my problem so he bought me $300+ of good name brand clothes and nothing happened. I guess in America you got to have looks which I don't. I was born single and I will die single.

No more parties, no more driving around to girl's house, no more spending money for parties. I'm going to sit home and save my money.

Sludgy 01-08-2006 06:02 AM

When I was a young man, I was always jealous of guys who got all the hot ****s. But guess what? With ****s you run the risk of getting something gross. Trust me on this.

Personally, I'd much rather go to a church social than a party. There's a much better chance there of finding someone who will: A) be faithful, B)) not have some gross diease and C) want to have kids someday.

Compaq888 01-08-2006 06:34 AM

I wasn't going to do her
I wasn't going to do her anyway. She is always with so many guys. I know about all those diseases. It's just getting annoying that my cousin gets to sleep with so many chicks. Differences between me and him. He drinks a lot more so it's easier for him to meet girls and he's the taller better looking version of me. Of course when I drink like him I have an easy time getting girls but I can't be wasting my brain cells every time I want to hook up.

Matt Timion 01-08-2006 09:38 AM

I say don't sweat it. Right
I say don't sweat it. Right now you're fighting biology and social pressure to be something which you obviously (by your post at least) don't want to be.

People like me always had the problem of not wanting to just have a random hook up. I've always been one who wants something much deeper.

I also know how it is to be down on yourself because you are not turning the head of every single woman out there. I've been there and I wished that everyone would want to be with me. Beating yourself up just makes you more bruised and damaged. When you beat yourself up people don't want to approach you. It's a horrible cycle.

I think you need to decide exactly what it is you want. If you want a girl who wants you because ofyour clothes and car then by all means get those things. In my experience those girls are actually few and far between. If you want an intelligent girl with a sense of humor, once again you need to be intelligent with a sense of humor. Be what you want.

I used to have the lowest self-esteem possible. I thought I was a total loser. A series of events changed all of that. When you think you're worth something, other people do too.

At your stage in life a low self-esteem is very common. Ride through it. Do the things that make you happy and don't feel that you have to justify yourself to other people. Be social and try to meet new people. One girl not giving you her number isn't the end of the world. It's actually just one less girl you have to worry about in the future. Time to move on to the next one.

Compaq888 01-08-2006 09:40 AM

Just called the guy that
Just called the guy that rents the place said they left a little bit ago. I told him some horror stories about the mutual girl friend and we laughed a little bit. I guess his friend will have do go to the free clinic now, HAHAHAHAHA.

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