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RobertV 06-11-2014 08:13 AM

Missing Motorcycles
Please use this thread as a running list of Motorcycle/Scooter Makes and Models that are currently being listed as "Custom" or otherwise "missing" from New Fuelly's "Browse Vehicles" section.

This will allow us to maintain some organization of the requests and to target specific models that users are asking for. We can also then seek clarification if we run into any discrepancies.

We will be moving over existing posts/threads, but going forward, please post Year/Make/Model of the vehicle you're having trouble finding.

An Administrator will then edit your post, or respond directly once we've sorted out that vehicle.

This thread is specifically for motorcycles/scooters. If you're looking for a car or truck, please refer to this thread: Missing Cars


makman 06-12-2014 02:14 PM

Missing Models in Honda Motorcycles
Models like CBF500 are missing.

E1 06-12-2014 08:46 PM

Due to inconsistencies with most models, everyone with a fuelly account has to Edit their vehicle types to a standard model, so everything is classified correctly without duplicate models.

Sounds reasonable to me. I've re-categorized mine.

cklee 06-17-2014 07:16 AM

[MC] Suzuki GSF1250S/SA lacks correct displacement option for base model

FYI, the 2007-up Suzuki GSF1250S/SA engine displacement is actually 1255cc on the watercooled models which were available worldwide. In markets other than North America, the previous aircooled (1157cc) model was available alongside the watercooled model for one or two model years.

Thanks for this great site and community!

Best regards,


My daily drivers:


Xylon 06-19-2014 11:01 PM

Honda PS125i missing from browse motorcycles page
This is my bike: https://www.fuelly.com/motorcycle/hon...8/Xylon/172775

There used to be a few other PS125i of fuelly too, now it's missing from the browse motorcycles page.

ProDigit 06-20-2014 07:14 AM

Honda Rebel 250 disappeared?
I know for a fact there where more than 100 Honda Rebel risers out there, mapping their fuel.
Now I see only 2, and only older models?

dan69 06-21-2014 09:26 PM

Missing Bike
fix the site. why was my bike deleted. i registerd a kymco peolpe 50 2t 2 years and now you say they dont exist.

llazy1 06-21-2014 10:26 PM

BV200 missing from Piaggio menu
I noticed that there was no longer a listing for the Piaggio BV200 under the Piaggio heading (in motorcycles). I have one myself that's here on fuelly and there were several others.

surlyjason 06-22-2014 06:31 PM

vehicles no longer listed
I have a Yamaha Star Road Star, aka xv1700, but the model no longer is listed. Now there is only an xv1600 listed and all of the other Road Stars are gone. Sucks ...

Winky 06-23-2014 04:55 AM

Same for my Yamaha FZ6. There are no more of the FZ6
listed, only the FZ6R is listed now.


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