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treefortrichard 07-28-2014 05:00 AM

SMS Fueling data no longer tracks City vs Highway
SMS fueling use to record the % city vs highway driving by placing C and then a number after a fuel up

ie 300 3.35 15.0 C90

The "C90" would record as 90% city driving...sometime in the last 6 weeks the SMS format has changed? The city driving is no longer automatically recorded and I have to go to the site and use the slider. When I went to my fuel ups I noticed the "C90" had populated the NOTE column. So it looks like the SMS is not registering the C90 as city % but rather as the personal note...like "Very expensive"

I re-read the FAQ on SMS format and I am wondering if I need to add an additional 'comment' after the C90 in order to get fuelly to recognize that the C90 is not a comment but rather the driving type class.

ie 300 3.35 15.0 C90 typed note

thoughts? I don't like having to use a work around but I will..I have been texting the fuel up data in the same format for over a year and I think the parsing recently changed.

freddie 07-28-2014 12:23 PM

Simple case of the uppercase C not being recognized properly. All fixed so give another try on your next fuel-up.

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