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Frankycello 08-05-2014 08:59 AM

Wake up Fuelly
Hi bikers can anyone tell me how to register a scooter I went to add a bike but it does not accommodate for scooters.
I sent a few emails to Fuelly but no answer so far. Help....

RobertV 08-05-2014 10:04 AM

What year/make/model are you trying to add?

And I apologize for missing your email. I just dug up your message, but it doesn't mention which specific model you're wanting to add. It only suggested we have a separate section for Scooters. Currently we have them grouped with Motorcycles.

Frankycello 08-05-2014 11:14 AM

Hi Robert, thanks for the reply. I did fill in a form that is for bikes not listed but here are my details.
Honda Sh 300i scooter
August 2014.

I wrote you mail explaining that there are millions of scooters out there & they should warrant a scooter column not mixed up with the bikes I'm sure there are plenty of bikers that will agree with that.
Also it would be nice to have a search window so that you just type in the bike name & the site will find the relevant section it will improve your site.
Honda sold thousands of Honda SH scooters I think there is only one registered with you, something is wrong. Make it easier to register scooters. Scooter section please.
Regards, Frankicello.

trollbait 08-06-2014 06:13 AM

While a motorcycle isn't a scooter, a scooter is a motorcycle.

Split the motorcycle group, and people might ask for trucks to be split from cars, and then wagons from sedans. Then our UK users will wonder where to find the saloons, and chaos will reign. Will someone think of the motorcycles that aren't motorcycles.

While some splits between groups might make sense, I think the site team have enough work right. I'd put a bigger priority on an alphabet quick link so people don't have to scroll all way down to Volvo.

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