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ChewChewTrain 09-18-2017 06:21 PM

I predict the medical field will be the next industry to be disrupted.
They are already predicting that IBM's Watson, already a Jeopardy winner, will eventually put many medical doctors out of work with faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.

THAT prediction is based on present day computing power.

Quantum computing, already being trialed by IBM, will be in full swing in 10 years.

They say problems which take current computer hardware a year to solve will be done in a few days or hours with quantum-based computers.

Further, I predict dentists will also not escape the high tech disruption.

Laser tooth drills will be paired with computer controlled robotic arms, which will do dental repair with unmatched accuracy. After the drilling, the dentist may be relegated to putting in the amalgam. After which the robotic arms will change bits to do the finishing touches. The differences between a "good" and "bad" dentist will not exist.


JockoT 09-18-2017 10:15 PM

I agree regarding diagnostics, but the cost of the robot dentists will always be prohibitive. You can improve the software and the electronics of these robots, but the mechanical aspects are very expensive. Granted, as robot machines start producing robot machines, costs will come down, but never as low as the cost of a dentist. And as Curtis LeMay said about pilots, "they can be produced cheaply, by unskilled workers".
Robots, of the style you envisage, will probably only be used for the likes of brain surgery and other high risk, precision operations.

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