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erohrbach21 05-16-2018 11:18 AM

any1 easel pissed about fords decison
any1 easel pissed that ford is getting out of the sedan bisunus. Im kind of pissed that they r geting rid of the fusion.

rfruth 05-16-2018 11:32 AM

I had a 2010 Fusion hybrid, it was nice

JockoT 05-16-2018 01:33 PM

That is virtually all the sell, here in the UK.


luv2spd 05-16-2018 03:09 PM

I'm not pissed at Ford, just kind of sad. I totally understand why they did this, if you can't make money selling smaller cars then why bother? Car And Driver did an article a while back where they said that GM makes about $500 profit selling the $12,000 Chevy Sonic. Having a 4% profit on something that has so much risk associated with it is not worth it; as soon as there is a recall, warranty issue, or just a design defect then that $500 profit is not much. Having the cars made in the US instead of Mexico would make the profit even smaller.

On the other hand, rumors are that the profit on pick-up trucks are around $15,000 per vehicle.

Sidenote: Autoworkers in Mexico earn far less per hour than those in Europe or the rest of North America but are still ahead of workers in China and India.

India: $2.1/hour
China: $4.1/hour
Mexico: $8.24/hour
Taiwan: $9.95/hour
Poland: $10.70/hour
Brazil: $17.03/hour
Korea: $26.96/hour
UK: $37/hour
US: $37.62/hour
Canada: $39.04/hour
Italy: $41.04/hour
Japan: $41.24/hour
France: $46.23/hour
Germany: $62.62/hour

*Car And Driver November 2015

LDB 05-17-2018 07:48 AM

Wow, I want to work one shift a week in Germany.

trollbait 05-17-2018 07:55 AM

I am in the sad but understand camp.

I don't think the Fusion is actually going yet. Ford might be selling enough to keep offering them, and the hybrid and Energi models help out their CAFE. The US just isn't going to be getting any redesigned version.

luv2spd 05-17-2018 02:51 PM

1 Attachment(s)
2018 Ford Ecosport, the first Indian made car sold in the US. Probably drives the way it looks.

Draigflag 05-17-2018 11:23 PM

We've had the ecosport here for a while, horrible looming thing. Looks like an obese Fiesta, or a Fiesta that took too many steroids in a tight t shirt lol.

JockoT 05-17-2018 11:32 PM

I have a friend has an Ecosport. She has had it for a couple of years and absolutely loves it. Must say, it does nothing for me.

EddWick 10-27-2020 08:02 AM

Damn! Those German figures. I wonder if they still have any opening in spite of the pandemic?

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