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ajbarth 05-01-2021 08:10 AM

Time to say good-bye. Moving to another app. There has always been stability issues with aCar and multi-driver sharing of data was poor. Support response has been fairly dismal. Last straw was loosing my pro features just because I upgraded my phone.

jokila 05-03-2021 07:03 PM

I have used Fuelly since the first Iphone came out. I have recorded over 312k miles of fillups and have enjoyed using it. I am not sure about aCar's capability but would recommend you check that out.

Which app did you go to ?

ajbarth 05-04-2021 04:22 AM

I moved to Simply Auto. They explain their file structures, and have a conversion tool. Questions to support get answered and my pro license features didn't disappear due to new phone. Multi-driver updates to same vehicle works flawlessly. I like the interface.

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