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bigjosh 05-15-2021 12:54 PM

New to me vehicle
Been searching and reading...I didn't have this issue with the last 5 cars I added.

Purchased used car with 85763 miles
Filled today for first time, had 1/4 tank

6.219 gallons
$3.779/gal (non-ethanol)

I could have swore there used to be a "first/initial fill" button.

Please tell me the best way to add forst fill. I use trip meter for fills...I forget to add fuel ups occasionally.


Draigflag 05-15-2021 02:51 PM

If you use trip meter, then you're good to go now with a full tank. Reset the trip meter and make sure to fill up to the top again. That's your first fuel up to enter in fuelly, i.e. the miles you just drove with the fuel you just used. The trip meter is best for "forgetting" fuel ups too, you can go a month or even a year, it doesn't matter.

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