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kickflipjr 05-23-2006 05:47 PM

How did you first find Gassavers.org?
I was on the gasbuddy.com forums right around hurricane katrina time. Gas prices were up and i was looking for ways to gain some mpg. svoboy would post on the forums back then and had something about gassavers in his signature. I lurked on the forums for a bit and svo PMed me about something. That was enough for me to remember the site name and keep comming back.

So thanks svo!

SVOboy 05-23-2006 05:49 PM

Yeah, I'm the best.

Matt and I hatched the idea last summer after we met on honda-tech and little did I know it was going to happen and he was a site maker dork, ;)

Compaq888 05-23-2006 05:51 PM

saw gassavers.org on losangelesgasprices.com, went here and looked around. Then joined.

MetroMPG 05-23-2006 05:51 PM

I saw gassavers.org show up in my web server logs, meaning someone had linked to an article on MetroMPG.com from here.

Turns out that person was kickflipjr. So thanks, kickflip!

Edit: someone had to actually click the link you posted before it appeared in my logs. Apparently that was SVOboy, and so thanks to to him too. (He's winning so far, if anyone's counting.)

thisisntjared 05-23-2006 08:03 PM

i think i found out through ben some how.... dont remember...

SVOboy 05-23-2006 08:09 PM

Yeah, I remember the ordeal with you signing up metro, it's somewhere posted in the archives.

Jared, I think I attracted you off NE-Hondas, but I forget for sure.

tomauto 05-23-2006 08:15 PM

SVOboy found me on Honda-tech. I thought that acetone could help mpg so I started a forum on Honda-tech in engines, the moderators put it in GDD, then docked me for 2% off my sig. The elder members thought that the small concentration of acetone would actually hurt the fuel system. I put it in for 2 tanks and my car is still running, but eventually, that thread was locked. So I went through the thread and started to pm people that thought I was doing good work. SVOboy said to come over to this site to find real ways to gain mpg. so....here I am. Raised my mpg from 32 to 43 -- just in driving technique!

philmcneal 05-23-2006 09:28 PM

dan signed me up after i got owned by this thread:

...... it seems the thread is dead i can't find it. Basically I asked GH to teach me to hypermile and I got flamed and now I'm here.

Matt Timion 05-23-2006 11:49 PM

I thought, "it'd be great to have a site for regular guys who want to increase MPG."

I woke up and it was on my computer.

The website fairies put it here.

krousdb 05-24-2006 01:30 AM

Add one for Metro. He pointed me here after I sent him a message on MetroMPG.

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