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rh77 09-02-2006 09:09 AM

'93 Civic CX Hatch - d16B8
What's the GasSaver's opinion on the '93 Civic CX hatch? There may be one for sale in the area with low miles ;)


SVOboy 09-02-2006 09:14 AM


Do it.

This is basically the car I was trying to put together with project KDA before I'd learned the engine was crap.

Anyway, seriously, do it do it do it. I'm sure dan will chime in on this as well.

As I see it, for stock hondas, it goes:

Civic VX
Civic CX

Though I'm not sure about the hf/vx, I'm just guessing!

Anyway, it's a d15b8, :p

krousdb 09-02-2006 12:48 PM

The CX has great potential. The VX only really has an advantage on the Highway. If you do a mix of driving, there would be very little difference between the two.

As I see it from a practical point of view, for stock Hondas, it goes:

Civic VX
Civic CX
CRX HF with a trailer to haul the kids or the Mother in Law, or both. :D

SVOboy 09-02-2006 12:53 PM

True, I forgot Mr. Rick had a fambly, :p

I've carried about one passenger in the last 5 months though, :)

thisisntjared 09-02-2006 06:15 PM

the cx motor is indestructable. definitely a good start.

my car is a cx but i swapped out the d15b8 for the punchier d16z6 and lost 8mpg, which i almost gained back in mpg mods(mostly aero).

my verdict. DO IT!!

Brian D. 09-02-2006 08:33 PM

oh, so you guys don't see a VX being just absolutely king? I know an HF is an absolute FE beast, but I figured for sure that a VX strapped to an HF tranny would be the best way to start...mounted in the CRX HF body, of course (ooh, unless it would fit in a Geo Metro body (1600 LBS!!!).

SVOboy 09-02-2006 08:36 PM

Oh yeah, the z1 in the HF would be the best, but we're talking stock at the moment. I'm sure you could put a z1 in the metro, but whatevs. I contemplated it for a bit but I'm thinking I wanna do diesel metro, :p

rh77 09-02-2006 10:15 PM

I'll have to check on it tomorrow -- the salesman didn't know anything about it over the phone and I was out with the fam all day today. I looked it over last night (and found an unlocked Fit Sport at the dealer too ;) ) so I looked them both over pretty well. The '93 CX looks like it's only 3 years old, so I hope they don't mark it up too much. I need a commuting project car other than the 'Teg, and I really miss a light manual car. The window sticker said it was a certified "Quality" Honda used car, and was rated at 42/46 back in the day. At 113,000 miles on the clock, I had to get excited about it. I'll probably drive it tomorrow to get a feel (if they're open, otherwise Monday - or Tuesday with the Holiday). I wouldn't be looking, but I'm probably getting a job that requires a long daily commute to an office in the near future, so stop 'n go driving will be on the books, with which the Integra doesn't do well. We'll still have the Integra and the TSX, so I just need a small car to haul me around town. It's gotta be cheap tho, but since it's a dealer, I'm afraid they know what they have. Thanks for the advice -- I'll find out more, and with luck, maybe add it to the fleet soon :D


GasSavers_Randy 09-03-2006 05:57 PM

You should get some serious mileage out of that. It's probably one of the lowest cost-per-mile cars out there, except maybe metros. Plus since it's the base model, you shouldn't be paying too dearly for it. All the small cars got bumped up in price after gas got expensive, though maybe people quit caring after the shock wore off.

GasSavers_Ryland 09-03-2006 06:38 PM

I like my hatch for all the space it has (lived out of it doing construction for 2 years) and that I can comfertably sit for long trips in the back seat at 240lb and 6 feet tall I have truble sitting in the front seat of some cars, so I must say that I really like the 92-95 civic hatch back bodys, I can't say the same for the two door cupes as the back seat is small and they have a trunk...
with that few miles on it I would grab it! the only two better choices are of course the VX, and then any hatch made in '92 because that year they made them all with V-tec wiring so swaping to a v-tec is easier with a 92.

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