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MetroMPG 11-01-2006 09:53 AM

Awesome, awesome, awesome: recumbent "tri-brid" - human/electric/sail
GS doesn't even have a category for this :D Is it human powered? Electric? Solar (sun makes wind, after all)...

Recumbent tadpole trike with electric and wind assist:



MetroMPG 11-01-2006 10:00 AM

Couple of quicktime movies on their site: https://www.pterosail.com/

omgwtfbyobbq 11-01-2006 10:34 AM

All it needs is an aerodynamic exterior! :D
Great find!

FormulaTwo 11-02-2006 09:42 PM

It just seems like you would have a problem seeing where you were going?

Silveredwings 11-03-2006 03:02 AM

Great idea. What happens when some tandem tractor-trailer driver decides to "dust" you at 85 mph? :eek:

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