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CO ZX2 11-14-2006 12:58 PM

ZX2 Front Fender Skirts Completed and Results. 3/15/07
Day 1. Front Skirts. Above photos show some of the work we've been doing to put front skirts on Old Reliable ZX2. First pic is the look I would like to have. May take a while.

Prototype. Just something to test the possibilities. I drove 150 miles 11/21/06 with this (one side only) on my car. Did OK but made of too light material. This was on the car when I made a 103 MPG run on that day. Terrific side wind, never thought I'd make 100+ MPG this day.

11/22/06. Got going in earnest with heavier material (.060 solid plastic wall sheeting) from Home Depot. Pic above shows white bumper I tried, was pretty good but too low. The old bumper provided material. Other material was junk truck inner tubes, free from a tire store. The wedge inserts are inner tube rubber and allow the wheel to turn as the rubber stretches.

The window well cover I tried for a while. I believe it actually helped but was too ugly, too big and too wide.

My wife Virginia, helped me with both the recent skirts. She sews and lets me talk her into weird projects. She sewed the rubber inserts into the plastic.

Day 2. Front Skirts. I put one of the new skirts on the car this morning and have driven around the block. Works great, steers good and stays on. I will give it a bigger test tomorrow, but actually turning corners is what I really am pleased with. I will put up more pics tomorrow of the construction process.

OK, more pics. First pic is a more substantial model than first prototype. The lighter material I used on the prototype was flimsy, 12mil, and allowed air to push the skirt into the wheel at speed. This pic I used the same material as I had used for the rear skirts (.060 solid plastic). This plastic is fairly stiff but still somewhat flexible. I also made the rubber inserts larger and relocated them to better match the tire positions.

Pic 2. Shows layout and rubber taped to plastic for sewing. We stretched the rubber flat before taping, then marked the sew lines. We left the plastic in one piece till the sewing was done then trimmed at the rubber inserts. Cardboard is my crude guide for the layout. I held it and had Virginia turn the wheel to the extremes and marked the cardboard.

Pic 3. Virginia sewing the rubber inserts to the plastic. We had to curl and tape one end of the plastic to fit under the sewing machine arm. Really stiff stuff. Glad she has this heavy duty machine.

Pic 4. This is a pic after I had driven about 75 miles of mountain highway to Denver and back. No problems at all. Just like it was when I left except for the dust. I drove 8 miles of road construction and 8 more gravel road to home. I forgot to take the pic when I got home so went out at 3 AM this morning and took it in the dark. More info at the end of this tread in a reply to The Toecutter I made last night. More to come.

Day 3. Front Skirts. 12/05/06. Still have only one skirt on, can't make up my mind but getting closer to what I want. I drove about 100 miles in slush and snow with the skirt in the newest pic. This is gonna work! I will post more pics and info of my attachment methods later. CO ZX2

Day 4. Front Skirts. 12/29/06. As you can see we have been buried in snow here for over a month. Got my newest skirt part way on (see newest pic). Have driven over 200 miles in slush and snow to test durability. Does fine. I am putting up a chart I found on contribution to drag. Be back when I get more done.

Day 5. Front Skirts. 03/15/07. Actually, over 4 months since I started this project. The extended winter weather has allowed me time to get this going. Just completed the right side, had been testing and re-re-re-re-doing left side only, trying to make it better.

First trip I made with both sides on, I made 20 MPG more than the best FE I ever had on this run of 33 miles. Weather conditions were similar to those on my referenced previous best run. Coasting is where I really can tell a big difference. Speeds are up at every reference point. I find I have to brake often in places I never braked before. On 2 lane roads I detect no buffeting when meeting big tractor-trailers. This is one of the first benefits I noticed. I sure could feel them before.

I believe the skirts are having a positive effect on my Intake Air Temp and Water Temp. It is easier to keep up in an efficient range. My intake air box is located near the left fenderwell and is getting more engine heated air rather than cold air from around the fenderwell. I am sure this is a part of the gain I have realized.

I have also redone my lower engine compartment pan. I had cardboard that had gotten wet and was falling apart. I replaced that with the 1/16 solid plastic that I have used in other places. I extended the pan from the front bumper to the front of the front tires. Sealed completely on the front and sides. This also has contributed to engine and air warming.

I hope this is of some help to anyone that entertains the thought of trying it. I can and will provide the attachment methods I used if there is interest. Just let me know. I will be here. Discussion?? CO ZX2

P.S. New easier methods. No sewing. 2 days, not 4 months.

Day 1 photos
Day 2 photos
Day 3 photo
Day 4 photo
Day 5 photo
Day 4 chart

I am a recent member of GasSavers. My car is a 1999 Ford ZX2. This is my first post. Not quite sure exactly how to do this, but here goes. . . .

I have been perusing GasSavers for a couple months gleaning ideas and info. I am impressed by the knowledge and willingness to share it that I have seen displayed here. What a deal! I want to thank GasSavers members for the help and inspiration they have provided me.

I have looked at a lot of similar sites and nowhere else have I seen the knowledge and genuine interest shown here.

It snowed here in Colorado yesterday and again today so I have had time to enter my Garage info and update my gas log. Take a look.

Looking forward to visiting with you.

MetroMPG 11-14-2006 01:03 PM

Hey, welcome to the site! (Hope you don't mind I moved the post over to the "Intro" section.

I looked at your screen name and thought: "look, there's carbon monoxide ZX2. Wonder what that means."

You're turning in some amazing FE numbers, and you've done some good mods to the car.

I suspect the useful info flow will be 2-way!

CO ZX2 11-14-2006 01:08 PM

How do I??
Thanks for the welcome.

How do I place my car pic and info to the left of post similar to yours?


MetroMPG 11-14-2006 01:11 PM

Go into your UserCP and click Edit Avatar . You can upload one there.

cfg83 11-14-2006 01:51 PM

CO ZX2 -

Utterly amazing FE! My Dad has a ZX2 5 speed manual, so I am extra interested in all the things you have done. Can you describe your driving style and your driving context (hills, flats, traffic mix, etc ...)?


kickflipjr 11-14-2006 02:59 PM

99% over epa!!!! Amazing.

MetroMPG 11-14-2006 03:01 PM

I especially like the jump from 49 to 60 mpg in your gas log. Attributable to getting the SG2. Nice work :)


CO ZX2 11-14-2006 04:08 PM

[QUOTE=cfg83]CO ZX2

Utterly amazing FE! My Dad has a ZX2 5 speed manual, so I am extra interested in all the things you have done. Can you describe your driving style and your driving context (hills, flats, traffic mix, etc ...)?

Thanks for the comments. I will try to be as helpful as other GasSaver members have been to me. No secrets here!

I live at 10,000 ft. in the mountains of Colorado. Lots of mountains and hills, quite a bit of flatland here and there. I do a lot of Engine Off Coasting, only thing is every hill I go down, I have to get back up.

Traffic not too bad, even in the semi-large towns in my area. Occasionally I need to go to Denver 75 miles away. You can do well for FE in the city if you do the common things like timing stoplights, coasting when you can, use your brakes as if you had none. I very seldom drive over 70, I usually try to stay around 65 max.

Any other specific questions, just ask. CO ZX2

CO ZX2 11-14-2006 04:39 PM


Originally Posted by kickflipjr
99% over epa!!!! Amazing.

Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. I'm amazed too. Never thought I'd amaze anyone.

We have owned this car for 4 years and 43 mpg was the best FE measured till a month and a half ago. I about fell over the first 50+ tank I got. Two days later I went back to the same station, same pump, where I had filled and topped off to try and verify if I had gotten the tank full. I had driven 46 miles and put in .9 gal.--51.1 mpg. Good enough for me.

I have tried a lot of things, the success are noted in my Garage & Gas Log. I never dreamed I could make this sort of improvement.

I have driven near 5000 miles since Sept. 27, the day I got my first 50+ tank. My FE for these miles is now 53.25.

CO ZX2 11-14-2006 04:42 PM


Originally Posted by MetroMPG
I especially like the jump from 49 to 60 mpg in your gas log. Attributable to getting the SG2. Nice work :)


Would you agree that ScanGauge will make a better and a different driver of anyone who uses it? Even if you thought you were doing everything right.

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