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MHM 07-25-2009 06:34 AM

Fuel Cost
Would it be able to have a fuel cost preferred option, fuel cost/litre or cost of fuel-up.

I would prefer cost of fuel up, then I would not need to calculate cost/litre. Cost/litre is not always indicated on the receipt, but cost of fuel-up is always displayed. And thats whats going out of my pocket as well.

pb 07-25-2009 11:18 PM

This might be a difference between gas stations in South Africa and the United States. Here the price/gallon is almost always on the receipt without fail.

I think we will eventually add an option to type in the full price of the fuel-up. But I'm worried that having both options will lead to greater confusion as people add their data. By limiting choices, we give people less options, and once people learn the system there's less chance that they'll enter bad data. If they have the choice each time they fuel-up of whether they'll enter the full price or the price/fuel volume, there's a chance they'll switch the numbers from time to time.

Making it a profile preference might be one way around that, but I do think that introduces confusion into the process. Having a choice between odometer readings and tripometer readings is a source of great confusion, and people switch and confuse the two all the time.

So I agree with this change in principle, we just need to find a way to implement it that makes sense.

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