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milesgallon.com 04-26-2007 07:23 AM

Rising mpg with summer tires
Yess, summer is soon here and the summer tires is on and my mpg is up to 33.25mpg (winters worst was 29). Might also help that i inflated the tires a bit more than the car manufacturers recommendation (still below tire max pressure)


brucepick 04-26-2007 09:40 AM


Originally Posted by milesgallon.com (Post 49191)
... Might also help that i inflated the tires a bit more than the car manufacturers recommendation (still below tire max pressure)

I'd suggest inflating to tire's max sidewall label pressure. That's with tire at cold ambient temp. My own belief is that the less-than-max-sidewall pressures recommended by mfg. are at best there to provide comfort for customer's backside. At higher pressures, FE will be higher and tires will last longer due to less flexing.

In practical terms, assume you have to drive to the pump so tire is never cold when you're inflating. Inflate to 4-5 psi over max sidewall and go about your business (hot tire will be about 4 psi over cold reading). In the morning check and deflate if needed to set tire at max sidewall. Max sidewall rating is based on a "cold" tire for whatever climate you're in.

milesgallon.com 04-26-2007 11:43 AM

I read on some auto page on the net that for best handling at high speed a good starting point is the tires max pessure (the one pinted on the sidewalls) minus 10% so I went a little bit below that (still far above the car manufacturers recommendation) as I wouldnt want too bad comfort.

On that same page they also noted that the manufacturers recommendation is often way too low.

I'll have to experiment with even higher pressure up to tire max later on, this gas tank was not optimal as I was once in a hurry and did 70-80mph at times, thats about all I can get out of our old mercedes


GasSavers_Brock 04-26-2007 02:09 PM

In this article for law enforcement they recommend max side wall pressure no matter what the vehicle says. It seems to be right on the money as far as I can see.


milesgallon.com 04-27-2007 01:58 AM

Sounds like they have done some proper research, I will definetly try max sidewall pressure soon.

I always add 2-3 psi extra when inflating as there is always some leakage when disconnecting the pressure air hose, I measured it one time by disconnecting, reconnecting and re-checking the pressure.


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