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Shimrra 07-19-2010 11:08 AM

cost of ownership stat
How hard would it be to have repair costs influence the cost/mile stat?

how hard would it be to have repair data points added?

IE on another chart, under the MPG info is an expense style sheet with just cost | service

$487.58 Brakes

all that is needed is a price, a description, and maybe a tag?

and that number gets eaten into the cost/mile. just take the total of the repairs for the year so far, avg them by the miles, and add to the price/mile stat for a cost of ownership stat.

pb 07-19-2010 11:32 AM

Right now we're focused on fuel economy, but we have been considering helping people track maintenance/repairs. We didn't set out to be a total cost of ownership application or a general vehicle maintenance application--we really have been focused completely on fuel economy. That's all we've set out to do so far.

I'm guessing some folks would like to include repair data in the cost/mile and some wouldn't. So we'd probably need to have a cost/mile for fuel economy and cost/mile including maintenance. And once we get into adding more data to the vehicle profile page it becomes a more complicated problem to solve.

So I'll just say it's something we're definitely considering but we haven't made a decision about yet. Nothing on the drawing board for it yet, anyway.

I believe there are applications out there that will help you track maintenance, but I haven't used any. Does anyone have recommendations?

DTMAce 07-25-2010 11:22 PM

Actually a simple Excel sheet could do this rather easily. As for site to do this, no idea. I suppose if someone wanted something like that done up, it wouldn't be hard to set one up as a link for others, if they want me to. Even I have considered it for my own vehicles as I work on and maintain them.

brandonrossl 07-29-2010 05:49 AM

pb, talk to and/or try aCar for android. It seems to have expense tracking and the developer is very responsive.

platypus 08-01-2010 07:10 PM

that's ok, if you have the phone to support that. I'd like to be able to track maintenance also, not necessarily as a cost per mile setup, but rather as a whole picture of how much my car is costing.

DTMAce 08-02-2010 02:20 PM

I had linked this before, but give this a look. This is a 2007 Excel spreadsheet designed to import data straight from the exported CSV Fuelly files. Instructions are in the first page.

It can do up to 10 vehicles/200 fill-ups, but this can easily be expanded as needed. It will also process up to 10 partial fill-ups in a row and total that with the next full fill-up. All figures in RED must not be changed, as it will alter the calculations.

It will also do time figures and can predict a yearly mileage, or average it, if you have more than a year's worth of data. It uses whatever the earliest date of your tracking to automatically calculate days, hours, weeks, months, whatever. And it does factor in for leap years.

It can provide per vehicle totals as well as overall totals.

If you like it, it would not take much for me to add in cost factors for a variety of things like repairs, oil changes, whatever.

At the moment, this sheet is setup on the premise of US based figures, meaning miles and gallons, and setup to use odometer readings, rather than trip. But I can easily adjust this as needed, just depends on interest in this.

Take a look, let me know here.



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