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ma4t 06-09-2007 08:21 PM

Yeah, I'm thinking that even if I drive the same route to school, with and without Acetone, I will have no way of knowing if I'm getting better mileage because there will never be two exactly similar days driving. The temp will be different. There will be more or less traffic. I'll have to gun it to get on the freeway. Something will be different.

I have seen the most amazing improvement by just slowing down and taking extra weight out of my vehicle.

I got a suggestion from a buddy. Remove the towing package. I'm looking into that since I only use it once a year, and the wiring was done poorly - with smoke pouring out of the tail light housing at one point.

Thanks for making this site, Matt. And thanks for telling me about it. I am a tweaker and tinkerer at heart. I was the first kid in my school to solve the Rubik's cube. And I'll probably be the only guy in school to hypermile my vehicle. I have given the link to a lot of people. If it helps somebody, I'm stoked.


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